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Monday, September 10, 2012

Essay on Medical and Diagnostic Examination Research Paper

Essay on Medical and Diagnostic Examinations: Prevention is Better than Cure

The classic adage that “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” may be cliché but it still remains very much true today as it was centuries ago. In healthcare, preventive measures include medical exams or diagnostic tests and are under the field of laboratory medicine. In the past the focus has been on curing, restoration and rehabilitation but governments later found that investing in promotion and prevention saves a lot of resources and improves the over-all health status of a population.

Laboratory medicine is very valuable in clinical care. It is an essential component of high quality care providing healthcare professionals with necessary data that may be used for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases (Value of Laboratory Screening). In the aspect of prevention, there are a variety of exams ranging from routine medical exams to more specific diagnostic tests. Routine exams are those that employers or schools may require their workers or students respectively, such as blood tests, urine and stool examinations from time to time. Diagnostic tests are those which physicians order typically after a patient comes in with complaints of certain symptoms and they can’t completely arrive at a definite diagnosis based on the patient’s medical history and present symptoms alone (Medical Health Tests). 

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At times, diagnostic tests are ordered for confirmation purposes already. Then there are also tests made for screening certain diseases among those who are found to be at risk or pre-disposed to certain medical conditions. Medical and diagnostic examinations help in the preventive effort by detecting potential problems ahead of time. Early detection facilitates early and less expensive interventions. Treatment at an early stage is also more effective than when started at a later stage of a medical condition. Routine exams may reveal health concerns previously unknown to the client and thus proper health teaching may be given to address those concerns early. Diagnostic exams may guide physicians in arriving with appropriate interventions to prevent worsening of the condition. The earlier the condition is diagnosed, the more options of care available to choose from with less invasive or less expensive procedures still applicable. Screening tests may help arrest the possible development of a condition. For instance, through screening, a client may find out that he’s at high risk of developing Diabetes Type II. Knowing such risk, he may choose to start modifying his life style to one that will prevent him from going down the diabetic path.    

When the opportunity comes for a routine test or a screening, people should remember that it’s for their own good. Some may hesitate because of the hassle and costs involved but they fail to consider that investing in prevention is much more convenient and economical than waiting to get sick and be hospitalized. Although cure may be available in certain medical conditions, the price you pay is much higher and the damage done may be greater and possibly irreversible. Prevention remains better than cure.  

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