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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tips in Writing Plato's Allegory of the Cave Essay

Tips in Writing Plato’s Allegory of the Cave Essay

1. Write the Summary.  You need to start by saying what the story is about.  Since it is an allegory you need to state that it has message other than what Plato directly stated.  Plato's allegory of the cave is a hypothetical situation which is depicted by a conversation between Socrates and Glaucon. Socrates asks Glaucon to imagine a cave that is inhabited by people. The people are prisoners and their hands as well as their legs are shackled by chains. In addition to that, the movement of their faces is also limited in such a way that they can only see the wall in front of them. There is a fire on the ground. Between the fire and the wall is a space for which objects can pass. The shadows of these objects fall directly to the wall which the prisoners can see. The prisoners only get to see the shadows and consider them to be the real things. (Plato) Even if they only see the shadow of a book, they will consider it as to what a book looks like. There will be times when a prisoner can break free and see the real things. He will be overwhelmed by the things that he can see in the real world. He will find out true reality as well as the beauty of the real world. However, there would be others who will persuade him to come back to the wall due to the fact that the prisoners are contented with what they see in the wall and consider the shadows to be true.

2. Discuss the Message behind Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.  Plato encouraged us to examine ourselves and to evaluate the basis of all our beliefs and opinions.  Are these beliefs and opinions based on real knowledge? Are they mere biases and prejudices? The people today are still chained to a wall which represents the media as well as the stereotypes. We believe everything that we see on movies, television, books, and magazines along with the internet are the true representation of things in the world. Everyone seems to easily believe what they see and hear from all kinds of media. We also tend to cast out stereotypes with people. For example, we say that blondes are not intelligent or one race is better than another one. Like the prisoners, people are chained to media and prejudice. What we need to do is break free and sees things the way they really are in the real world. We need to find out the truth and not just readily accept things presented to us.  (Heidegger) When we get past these then we will able to learn more and gain more knowledge about the real things. People should not be afraid of what they do not know. Instead, it should inspire them to gain more knowledge about reality.


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Friday, October 28, 2011

Essay on Life of Fidel Castro

Essay on The Life of Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro Ruz, the first president and commander in chief of the first communist state in the Western Hemisphere.  Its memoire is much like of a Cinderella story, from humble beginnings to a gratifying life of power and abundance.  Fidel Castro was an illegitimate child of illiterate sugar planters.  But what his parents lack in education they provided Castro.  They send him to a good school to acquire the necessary tutelage.  Castro was a prodigy in his young life; he excels not only in sports and athletics but in academics as well.  Proof was his degree in law school.  He finished law school in Havana, a place where the rich people play.

Castro practices his profession by helping the poor people of Cuba who cannot afford the services of a lawyer.  Thus he oftentimes suffer financial crisis.  In this scenario also his eyes were opened to the inequalities suffered by his person in the hands of a few government ministers who does favours for the benefit of the large corporations owned by the United States.  In that time, Cuba was ruled by General Fulgencio Bautista who subsequently defeated by Castro after some guerrilla attacks.

Fidel Castro rose to power.  He started to rebuild Cuba.  As an education devotee, he founded free education.  As a believer in morality, he closed down casinos and night clubs.  Cuba was beginning to progress.  But as what the maxim says “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  Castro begun to oppose the external help of other countries especially the United States.   He solely relies on the capacity of Cuba as a strong confident country.  What the United States did not offer, Castro find it on the other countries such as the Soviet Union.  Castro also begun to rule as a communist when he neglected the services of the people around him whom he cannot trust.  

Feared that Cuba will be communist base because of the continuous support of the Soviet Union, the CIA and FBI planned to assassinate the great Cuban leader but to no success.  His actions of allowing the Soviet Union to build nuclear missiles in the Cuban territories pave the way to the Cuban Missile Crisis which marks the change in the Cold War.  The last years of Cuba was filled with atrocities.  The machine used in sugar production was obsolete making the production as low as it can be.  Thus the fall of Castro’s power commenced.  In addition Castro was suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Truly, Fidel Castro was a boundless leader in that time.  He has the knowledge and skill of a great one.  He can talk to kings but he can also walk with farmers.  He possesses what the other leader’s lack, the numerous supports of his people.  Eventually, because of manly errors Fidel Castro was drowned with power.  Again, “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Case Analysis of Lawrence v. Taylor (539 US 558

Gay Rights
Case Analysis of Lawrence v. Taylor (539 US 558)

The facts of the case states that the petitioners, John Geddes Lawrence, a medical technologist, then age 55, and Tyron Garner, then 31, were alleged to have been engaging in consensual anal sex in Lawrence's apartment in the outskirts of Houston between 10:30 and 11 p.m. on September 17, 1998 when Harris County sheriff's deputy Joseph Quinn entered the unlocked apartment, with his weapon drawn, arresting the two.  The arrest was made because of an information of weapons disturbance from a neighbour Robert Royce Eubanks, who was once a romantically linked to Garner, who subsequently was arrested because of harassment of the petitioners.

After the arrest, the petitioners were held for violating the Texas "Homosexual Conduct" law, prohibiting aberrant sexual intercourse between members of the same sex.  To which the petitioners prayed for the dismissal of the case filed in the grounds that it is in direct violation of the Equal Protection Clause as mandated in the Bill of Rights.

Equal Protection Clause expressly assert the right of all persons to have the same access to the law and courts and to be treated equally by the law and courts, both in procedures and in the substance of the law. It is akin to the right to due process of law.  In the case at bar, the Texas "Homosexual Conduct" law was assailed as unconstitutional because of the fact that it is only applicable to “homosexual” which is definitely not in consonance to boundaries set forth by the Equal Protection Clause.  It is concentrated on a particular group not on the act.  Thus it is not in compliance with the US Constitution. The application of the law must be to all and all persons must be treated equally.  With this simple application of the US Constitution, the Supreme Court strikes down the Texas "Homosexual Conduct" law.  It provides discrimination.

Provided further, the case involves fruit of a poisonous tree.  The arrest was made because of a wrongful act done by a vengeful neighbour, which makes the arrest invalid for it grounded in no legal basis.  According to law evidence or contraband searched, seize or arrested by virtue of false accusation with no probable cause is inadmissible in the courts of law.  The arrest also violates the due process which states that no person shall be deprive of life, liberty or property without due process of law.

One of the opinions of the Supreme Court contends that the aforementioned sodomy law may be in effect if it involves minors or the act includes vitiation of consent evidenced by force, intimidation or threats.  In the present case the petitioners are of legal age and there are aware of their actions.  Both give their consent without duress, thus it is ultra vires of the sodomy law.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Compare and Contrast Essay on Carl Rogers and Fritz Perls

Are you looking for a compare and contrast essay on Carl Rogers and Fritz Perls?

Are you looking for an essay in response to the instruction "Compare and contrast the therapy methods used between Carl Rogers and Fritz Perls.most importantly the usage of Fritz Perels- Gestalt Approach."

Below is our sample essay on the topic of compare and contrast essay on Carl Rogers and Fritz Perls

There was a time in history where it was believed that human beings were born to accomplish certain economic and political objectives. (“Humanistic Psychology Overview” 1) It was also thought that human fate is determined from the moment one is born and that human dignity depended on the value ascribed by the existing institutions.  In response to these beliefs, there were psychologists who affirmed the inherent value and dignity of every human being.  They believed that every human being has a potential to become greater than what he is and that the role of the institutions is to help individuals in realizing the potentialities of every human being. This is known as the humanistic psychology.

There are several known Humanistic Psychologists.  One of these psychologists was Carl Rogers.  He developed a therapy method called the Person-Centered Counseling which is based on the idea that every person has the capacity for self-actualization.  This means that every person has the capacity to achieve his potential and become a better individual.  Individuals are all born with a set of skills, talents and abilities that he can use to improve and become a better human being.  Though these skills, talents and abilities may differ from one person to another all individuals are provided with these resources.

Self-actualization can be achieved through therapy and counseling.  Therapy and counseling is a process used to free a person and help him remove obstacles so that the individual may overcome his limitations and become an independent and self-directed individual.  In achieving self-actualization Carl Rogers stressed that limited role of a counselor in a counseling session.  The therapy should be non-directive, should not use assessment procedures and should not establish any goal for the client. (John Sommers-Flanagan & Rita Sommers-Flanagan 184)

In Person-Centered Counseling, the counselor does not require the individual to perform any act.  The counselor’s role is only to remove the obstacles to the normal growth and development.  He also does not need to tell the individual what to do as he already knows what to do. 

Because Rogers believes in the ability of the individual to fully realize his potential, he thinks that the counselor should not give any feedback or any solution to his problem.  For him, the individual “knows what hurts, what directions to go, what problems are crucial, what experiences have been buried.”  Under this approach, the individual is believed to have all the answers to his problems.  The task of the counselor is merely to listen to the individual and empathize with the client’s feelings.  

During therapy sessions, the individual is also allowed to speak freely about his feelings.  The counselor is not allowed to interrupt the individual as he expresses his fears, doubts, anger, and any kind of feeling.  It is believed that by not interrupting the individual reveal his thoughts and feelings the is able to understand the obstacles to self-actualization and find solutions to these problems.   

While the role of the psychologist is limited, he is still important because he helps explore the individual’s relationship with other people.  His role is to bring out the issues which could be buried in the individual’s subconscious mind.  For example, if based on what the individual has stated there are internalized conflicts which needed to be brought out, the psychologists will help bring out these internalized conflicts so that the individual may directly deal with them. 

More importantly, in Person-Centered Counseling, it is essential that the counselor should ensure that the following conditions are met to achieve self-actualization.  These conditions are unconditional positive regard, empathy and congruence.  Unconditional positive regard means that the counselor should accept the client unconditionally and non-judgmentally.  Empathy means that the counselor should be able to understand the individual’s thoughts and feelings from the perspective of the individual.

On the other hand, Fritz Perls developed a therapy method called the Gestalt Therapy.  This is very similar to Rogers’ Person-Centered Counseling in the sense that they both believed in the intrinsic capacity of an individual to achieve greater freedom and independence.  They both believed in the intrinsic ability of every human being to achieve self-actualization.  The key is to break free from the obstacles that hinder the individual from his self-development.  Gestalt Therapy also affirms that many individuals are only able to tap into a small part of their personality which is just the tip of the iceberg.  The greater part about an individual’s personality lies blocked somewhere in the unconscious. (Joe Reilly & Veronica Jacobus 15)

The goal of Gestalt Therapy is to help the individual become fully aware which according to Fritz Perls is the “only basis of knowledge and communication.” Awareness is similar to insight which is a “patterning of the perceptual field in such a way that the significant realities are apparent; it is the formation of a gestalt in which the relevant factors fall into place with respect to the whole.” (Gary Yotnef 1)

Gestalt Therapy seeks to help the individual become aware of any kind of barriers and to eliminate these barriers so that the individual may be able to effectively communicate and relate to other people.  The task of the counselor is to evaluate in whole the individual’s communicative abilities and to point out any kind of behavior, body language and language that the patient uses which may serve as a barrier to communication.  Thus, it is common for the counselor to interrupt the individual during a therapy session and point out to the individual his behaviors that he thinks may serve as barrier to communication.  Through discussion with the individual, the counselor is able help the individual become aware of obstacles to his development.

In contrast to the Person-Centered Counseling which limits the role of the counselor to a mere passive receiver of information, Gestalt Therapy believes that the counselor has a more active role in counseling.  In Gestalt Therapy, the role of the counselor is not merely to listen to what the individual reveals about himself.  Rather, the counselor engages the individual into a continued dialogue.  By engaging in a dialogue the individual starts to see himself from the perspective of the counselor.  In so doing he becomes more aware of what he is doing, how he is doing it and how he can change himself. 

Gestalt Therapy is also different from the Person-Centered Counseling in the sense that it does not give emphasis on what the individual should do.  Person-Centered Counseling believes that every individual already knows what he should do and what should be done.  Gestalt Therapy only helps the individual become aware of the present situation.  It only helps to stress awareness of what is.  For example, the counselor who is counseling a married couple does not tell the couple what to do to save the marriage.  Rather, the counselor’s role is merely to make the married couple become aware of what they are doing as married couples.  He does not tell the married couple what is wrong with the marriage.  He also does not advice them what to do to correct their mistakes.  He simply helps them realize what the married couples have been doing so that they could figure things out for themselves and modify their behavior for the purpose of saving the marriage.

In Gestalt Therapy, the counselor does not need to empathize with the individual.  The counselor does not need to understand the thoughts and feelings of the individual from his perspective.  It is the role of the counselor to make the individual become aware of things that he may have been unconscious of.  The counselor’s role is to point out the perceptions and behaviors which may serve as obstacles to achieving self-actualization.


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Cultural Assimilation Essay

Are you looking for an essay on cultural assimilation? 

Do you a sample essay on the following question:
In an effectively written 4-5 page argumentative essay form an opinion and establish a specific position on the issue of assimilation and how it affects cultural or ethnic identity. Should a person adopt a new culture or not? If yes, to what extent? Why do you believe this?

Below is our sample essay:

Assimilation is the process by which the members of a minority group lose the characteristics that make them unique and distinguish them from the dominant group as they strive to adapt to the characteristics of the dominant group. 

In the past, American culture struggled with the idea of assimilation.  The prevailing idea then was that the white race was the superior race and all others were inferior.  As a result, slavery had become institutionalized for centuries and had become a way of life.  Blacks were forced to work on lands owned by Whites.  They toiled day and night and were considered as commodities that can sold or bought.

American history shows that the dominant group had concerns about assimilation and rejected any attempt on the part of the minority group to be assimilated into the mainstream culture.  Inter-racial marriages were also forbidden and there were laws against it.  Individuals who engaged in these marriages were punished and that the children were ordinarily considered as belonging to the inferior race. 

During the 20th Century, things started to change and slavery was abolished after the end of the civil war.  However, assimilation was still a difficult pill to swallow.  Though slavery had been abolished, Jim Crow Laws were still in effect.  These were the laws that legalized the provision of separate facilities for the white and the black. 

However, ever since the time of slavery until the Jim Crow Laws era, the African Americans had wanted to become assimilated.  They had wanted to be recognized as African Americans.  They did not want to be labeled just blacks.  The same was true with the Latinos, Asians and other minorities which had wanted to be assimilated into the American culture.

Nowadays, assimilation has become the trend.  American culture has started to evolve and accept the concept of diversity.  (Solomon Moore 1)  Modernity has paved the way for the acceptance by the dominant group of the minority group.  Hate crimes are now being prosecuted and being punished by the government.  Title VII of the Civil Rights Act which prohibits discrimination on account of age, sex or race is a proof that the United States has started to embrace the concept of diversity.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigates and prosecutes cases on discrimination against African Americans, Latinos, Asians and other minorities.  Courts have handed out judgments against companies for their failure to provide a discrimination-free work environment.  Companies have started to revise their policies so that these policies are discrimination-free. 

Because of these changes, assimilation into the American culture had become easier.  The minorities no longer have to worry about the Ku Klux Klan threatening them.  They no longer have to worry about being denied opportunity simply because they are part of the minority.  Embracing the American culture had become easier for them.  However, there are certain consequences when the minority group becomes assimilated to the culture of the dominant group.  Characteristics that are unique to the minority are bound to be discarded in favor of the culture of the dominant group.  Though these changes do not take place overnight or over a week’s time, they happen.  Assimilation changes a person’s views and perceptions about things.  While the minority desires assimilation, the discarding of unique characteristics of the minority group poses difficulty for the minorities. 

For example, Filipinos are known for their close family ties.  Grandparents, parents, and grandchildren are known to stay under one roof.  They are known to recognize the indissolubility of marriage.  Marriage couples will ordinarily stay in marriage and try to work things out between them just so they could honor their marriage vows.  However, when Filipino families migrate to the United States and become assimilated to the culture they start to discard their culture in favor of the new culture.  They start to entrust their old relatives under the care of institutions.  Though they pay for these institutions to take care of their old relatives it is a significant departure from the Filipino culture wherein the younger generations take care of the old relatives.  When Filipino families migrate to the United States they discover that the divorce is easier to secure in the United States.  When they get their American citizenship they can easily secure divorce.  Though the Philippine laws do not recognize divorce they are forced to accept the situation that a former Filipino citizen may seek a divorce in foreign countries allowing him to remarry elsewhere.  Philippine courts are forced to recognize the foreign decree of divorce. 

A popular example is Yao Ming.  Yao Ming is a basketball player who plays for the Houston Rockets.  He plays the center position and is arguably one of the most popular basketball players in the 21st Century.  He has lived in the United States for a few years now.  He has learned to speak English, eat American food, live the American lifestyle and earn American dollars.  However, Yao Ming has received criticisms from the Chinese people.  He has been criticized for failing to express his gratitude by giving back to the Chinese people.  There were situations when China has experienced tragedy and it seems that the Chinese people expect more from Yao Ming.  For the Chinese people living in China, they feel that Yao Ming has assimilated into the American culture that he has forgotten his native roots. 

It is expected that the minority may want to be assimilated with the dominant group.  For them assimilation means better opportunities and a better life.  More than the better life, it also means acceptance.  However, assimilating a new culture often has unexpected results.  It often results in discarding the old culture in favor of a new culture.  When an individual discards his old culture, this often results in loss of self-identify and self-esteem.  The adjustment could be difficult not only for the adults but even for the young children who may be confused as to who or what they really are. 

There is nothing wrong in assimilating to a new culture.  An individual needs to be able to evolve as a person and learn new things.  An individual needs to be able to learn the great things about another person’s culture.  However, an individual should not forget his roots.  He cannot forget what he is because his culture makes him what he is.  He owes a lot to his own country.  


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Essay on Analysis of "Toxie"

Are you looking for an essay on toxic assets or mortgage-backed securities? Have you ever encountered the following question:

Write a five  page essay analyzing “Toxie” and any related issues connected with toxic assets/mortgage backed securities?

Below is our sample essay in connection with the essay on "Toxie"

            During the 1930s the United States first suffered the longest and worst depression in its history.  This was the period of Great Depression where the country experienced a steep decline in the production and sale of goods, increase in unemployment rate, foreclosure of mortgages, and closure of banks. The Great Depression was so bad that it affected every person regardless of his social status. 

            Several decades after the country surpassed the difficulties of the Great Depression, the United States is now facing another crisis which could be worse than the Great Depression.  For the first time since the Great Depression, many Americans are now faced with the reality that the amount of their mortgage obligation already exceeds the value of their home. (Alex Blumberg 1)          Faced with the dilemma of paying for their mortgages which are worth more than the actual value of their home many homeowners are forced to choose from the following options: to continue paying for the mortgage; to sell the property to another buyer; or to voluntarily default on the mortgage and let the banks foreclose on the mortgage. 

            One the part of banks, these assets that have lost their value are called toxic assets.  Toxic assets are assets which are held by banks which are backed by sub-prime mortgages.  The toxic assets are the primary reasons why many banks have suffered huge losses and why some banks eventually closed down.  Toxic assets are also the reasons why banks have refused to lend money to individuals and business investors.  They are also the reasons why individuals no longer have money to spend.  Business investors do no also have enough money to put up their businesses and sell their products and services to the people.  Money has stopped circulating in the economy as banks have started to hold on to their money.  

            The situation, however, could have been averted.  In fact, there were warning signs as early as the beginning of the year 2000 that the housing bubble would eventually burst and the economy will suffer.  The rampant property flipping or the fraudulent sale of property to another by one person who just acquired the property from another person should have been a warning sign for many banks. (Braga, Davis and Doig 1)  The lending of money to borrowers whose credit standing weak should have alerted many bankers.  The rising interest rates and the increase in the number of foreclosure are also symptoms of an ailing industry. 

However, the lure of the money for banks who wanted to take advantage of the real estate boom was too tempting for bankers.  Larger banks were also drooling over the number of investors who were salivating over the mortgage-backed securities which were selling like hotcakes at the time were too much of a temptation to pass up.  Many investors and bankers alike negligently decided to ignore the warning signs.  As a result, when the mortgaged-backed securities became toxic assets everybody suffered.

            As a matter of standard banking practice, a mortgage obligation is supposed to be fully secured by collateral on the house.  For example, the appraised value of house and lot at the time the obligation was entered into is $20,000.  The banks will only lend as much as 70% or 80% of the house’s appraised value.  This means that there is an excess of 20% to 30% which offsets any cost which the bank may incur in case the property is foreclosed.  If the value of the collateral increases over time the bank will earn income from the foreclosure should the borrower defaults in his mortgage obligation. Since the banks can easily sell the properties they are protected in the event that the borrowers default on their obligation. 

            Banks also have strict requirements before a borrower may be able to apply for a mortgage loan.  The borrowers are required to undergo character investigation to determine their credit history, present work, assets, and liabilities.  This process ensures that the borrowers have the financial capacity to pay the loan. 

            But there was a time when real estate was a boom in the United States.  Everybody wanted to buy houses.  Most were buying houses for investment purposes thinking that they could eventually sell these houses at a higher price in the future.  All these buyers wanted to take advantage of the increasing value of the real estate.  Because the demand for real estate was high banks started selling these mortgage loans to bigger and larger banks.  In turn, the larger banks bundled the mortgage loans and package them as an investment scheme called mortgage-backed securities. 

Essentially, a mortgage-backed security is a pool of mortgage loans that allows the investors to receive a return of their investment from the homeowners who pay their mortgage loans.  Thus, when homeowners pay their loan obligations from banks, the payment is divided among the investors of the mortgage-backed security. 

            At the time, nobody thought that the investment of buying mortgage-backed security was risky.  The investors were just thinking about the potential return on their investment which was virtually guaranteed at the time considering the real estate boom.  Since banks were making a lot of money from these mortgages, they started to open to almost everybody the mortgage loan applications.  They also relaxed the rules particularly the character investigation, proof of income, assets and liabilities.  Borrowers whose credit standing are not good or did not have sufficient income to pay off their loans were also accepted by banks.  Banks also failed to property appraise the value of the houses which allowed the fraudulent real estate professionals to inflate the value of the houses by selling them to friends, family members and business partners. (Braga, Davis and Doig 1)  Thus, when these buyers applied for a loan with the bank they were able to get a higher value for the house.  Of course, they did not have any intention to repay their mortgage obligation.  

The borrowers who had weak credit standing are called sub-prime borrowers and their mortgages are called sub-prime mortgages.   These mortgages were also sold to larger banks which also sold these mortgage-backed securities to investors.  Since these mortgages were sub-prime and risky the rate of return for the investment was also higher.  For investors, however, the risk was immaterial considering the higher return on their investment.  This is also another reason for the collapse of the real estate market.

            Logic will tell that if the interest rate is high, payment on these loan obligations will become very difficult for borrowers.  Some borrowers started to default in the payment of their monthly amortizations.  Banks started to foreclose on these mortgages.  After some time, the number of foreclosures started to increase.  The real estate started to collapse and their value started to go down.  Borrowers realized that the value of the real estate had become so low that it would no longer be wise and practical for them to continue paying on their loans. Consequently, they stopped paying their loans.  As a result, banks could no longer collect from their borrowers.  As much as the banks wanted to foreclose these mortgages to sell to other buyers they could not do so since there are no takers in the market.  It must be stressed that banks need to be liquid for it to operate.  Real estate properties are worthless to banks if they could not sell them eventually. 

            In fact, the collapse of the real estate had created a situation in the United States where even the borrowers who can pay their monthly amortization have refused to pay their banks.  Borrowers chose to default on their mortgage.  In the study conducted by the Reecon Advisors, nearly one out of ten homeowners or 9.2% or 7.4 million people are more likely to choose default. (Lita Epstein 1) Moreover, Guiso, Sapienza and Zingales (2009) in a research found that 26% of the existing defaults are strategic (p.1).  They also found that no household would default if the equity shortfall is less than 10% of the value of the house.  However, 17% of the household will choose to default if the equity shortfall reaches 50% of the value of the house. (Guiso, Sapienza and Zingales 1) The intentional failure to pay an existing and outstanding debt that is secured by a mortgage allowing banks the option to foreclose the mortgage is called Strategic Default.  There are many reasons why many people in the United States choose strategic default instead of paying for their loan.  Among these reasons are to get a lower house payment, to get out of a mortgagee, to buy a bigger house with the same payment, to move into a better neighborhood and to give the homeowner opportunity to settle his other debts. 

Since the mortgage-backed security depended on the ability of the borrowers to pay their mortgage obligation, investors started to move away from these investments.  Mortgage-backed security also started to lose their value on the market.  Consequently, larger banks have also lost liquidity since their assets are full of worthless mortgage-backed securities that have lost their value in the market. 


Essay on Culture and Homophobia

Are you looking for an essay on Culture and Homophobia ? You may be given by your professor the following instruction: 

What is the current situation regarding homophobia, the irrational hatred of homosexuals, in your home culture? Where does homophobia in that culture come from? What is the situation today regarding homophobia in your age group, and what do you predict for the future- and when.

See our sample essay below on this topic:

Homophobia is defined as the irrational fear and hatred towards homosexuals.  It is actually a misnomer since the term phobia.  It should be emphasized that homophobia pertains more to the anger or hatred towards homosexuals rather than fear of the homosexuals. 

In many societies, homophobia is an issue that is not being openly addressed but its presence is mostly felt because of the various practices against gays.  Some companies prohibit gay employees but it is not explicitly provided for in the company policy.  However, in the United States military, gays are expressly denied the opportunity to become members.  This is manifested in the practice known as the don’t ask don’t tell policy.  

In some countries, there is an open policy against gays and lesbians.  The Islamic Penal Code of Iran of 1991 punishes sodomy or the sexual intercourse between males.  The act is considered a grave offense since those who are caught violating the law are punished by death.  Because of the express prohibition against sodomy, several men who have been caught violating the law have been executed for their homosexual activity. 

A study of the history of Iran will reveal that there was a time when homosexual activity was permitted.  In fact, many scholars say that homophobia in modern Iran is the result of modernization.  According to scholars, Iran was only influenced by the Western culture which is the reason why homophobia exists. 

In other countries, the acceptance towards gay is improving.  Research also shows that the public attitude towards gays is improving.  This is manifested from the various television sitcoms, anti-discrimination policies in major corporations, and the liberal laws that embrace gays. (Ricci & Bidderman  B1) Research also shows that public acceptance of gays in the military improved from 51% to 80% according to a poll in 2003. (Ricci & Bidderman  B1) The public approval of gays as elementary school teachers grew from 27% to 61%. (Ricci & Bidderman  B1) These studies indicate that acceptance is higher than in the past years. 

As of today, homophobia is still high in Iran.  It is still unsure whether this is because of the leader alone or whether the public agrees with the opinion of their leader.  Though Iran is still mainly homophobic as recent news still prohibits engaging in homosexual activities it is my opinion that the homophobia will someday be removed.  Because of the efforts of gays and lesbians activist in Iran the policies that are homophobic will be discontinued.  It is suggest that gays and lesbian activists should continuously fight for their rights.  They should now be cowed by the laws against them. Rather, they should continuously make their voices heard.  In the future, the international community will finally help them and remove the practices against them.  


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Saturday, October 22, 2011

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Single Parents Enjoy Break from Difficult Essays

Being a single parent is very difficult especially when you are trying to do all the responsibilities altogether; raising your child on your own, taking care of the household chores, sending your child at school, attending to his her school activities, and going to school to get a degree to give your child a good future.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Do Gun Control Laws Make Streets Safer?

In our earlier post, we talked about the California law banning the carrying of exposed and unloaded handguns which will take effect on January 1, 2012.  

The law is attracting so much criticism considering that a number of states have adopted measures to relax the gun control laws.  As of the present time, there are 42 states which allow the open carrying of guns in public.  

In a news report entitled “Does Open-Carry Gun Ban Make California Safer?”, it was highlighted that statistics do not show that gun control laws have lessened crime in states that have banned carrying of guns in public.  

Below are the points raised in the news report:
1.  According to Richard Mack, a former sheriff of Graham County in Arizona said that "These are not going to reduce crime or gun violence … no others have done that and there are no statistics to show it." 

2. "We have a long history of pretending that gun control in America is going to help us and it really hasn't." he says, citing statistics in Vermont, Alaska, Arizona and Wyoming that he says are unchanged by looser laws. "I am sure they are going to keep trying stupid laws until someone realizes they don't work and maybe we ought to try following the Constitution." 

3. “I think this goes to the really basic question whether law enforcement should be a government function or an individual responsibility.  The whole point of carrying a gun is to be able to use it, after all. It's not useful as a deterrent otherwise. So the arguments in favor of openly carrying guns on our streets are arguments in favor of using them in our streets." 

On the other hand there are those who are in favor of stricter gun control laws saying that with the gun ban they can not take their families to parks without worrying that they will be shot by a vigilante.  

Whether or not the California measure will be able to reduce crime will be difficult to prove as no studies have been previously done about it.  However, once a case is filed with the Supreme Court it will decide whether the measure is constitutional or not.  Does the law absolutely ban carrying of firearms? If so, then the Supreme Court will strike it down for violating the Second Amendment.


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Drug Addicts Resort to Yoga to Fight Drug Addiction

Many are battling drug addiction.  Some are going to rehab to help them recover from their drug addiction.

Watch the video to see how a former drug addict battled drug addiction through yoga.

Study Affirms Workplace Discrimination against Women

Facts about Women discrimination according to Catalyst based on news report entitled “Study: Women ask for raises, but aren’t heard”

1. Men who are willing to put in time and effort and accept challenges in their work are more likely to receive promotions and pay increases compared to men who don’t. Women who are willing to put in time and effort and accept challenges in their work do not necessarily get promotions and pay increases.

2. Women who changed jobs two or more times after completing their MBA earned $53,472 less than women who rose through promotions at their first organization. Men, on the other hand, made $13,743 more if they switched jobs after completing their MBA than if they stayed.

3. In the UK, pay gap between male and female still exists and at the rate things are going now it will take 98 years to close the gap.

4. According to a report of the United Nations entitled “Progress of the World’s Women” notes that worldwide, women are paid 10-30% less than men and 23% less in the U.S

5. Catalyst noted that women need to employ different career advancement strategies than men. Women advanced further when they made their achievements known and networked with influential people

The study affirms the perception that discrimination between men and women exists in the workplace. It confirms that men and women are not treated similarly and that they are not provided with the same opportunities in the workplace


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Legislators Ban Open Carrying of Handguns in California

In an earlier post, we already mentioned that Pres. Obama believes in the Second Amendment.

Despite the provision of the Second Amendment and the ruling of the court in the case of District of Columbia v. Heller, 07-290, Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed a law banning the open carrying of handguns in California.

In the said law, the carrying of an exposed and unloaded gun in a public place shall be considered a misdemeanor.  

It remains to be seen whether the measure will be upheld by the courts given the ruling of the Supreme Court in the case of District of Columbia v. Heller, 07-290

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Workout Kid Shows His Exercise Moves to fight Childhood Obesity

How often do you hear kids become deeply involved for a certain cause? It is more likely that kids do not have the passion to fight for a cause.  

However, there is a certain kid that is deeply involved in the fight against childhood obesity that he created a special work out that kids like him can follow.  From my perspective, the kid can be an effective speaker against childhood obesity.  Since he is young kids like him are more likely to listen to him and emulate him.  When he says it is easy to do exercise chances are other kids are more likely to believe him and follow his example.  

“I want to stay fit and healthy,” says C.J. Center, the workout kid.  He believes that other kids like him should also stay fit and healthy.  As an athlete, a football player and a runner, he is definitely someone whom other kids should follow.  

Facts about Childhood Obesity
The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention states that:
1. “Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years.
2. The percentage of children aged 6–11 years in the United States who were obese increased from 7% in 1980 to nearly 20% in 2008. Similarly, the percentage of adolescents aged 12–19 years who were obese increased from 5% to 18% over the same period.
3. In 2008, more than one third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese.”

Health Effects of Childhood Obesity
The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention states that childhood obesity has immediate and long-term health effects.

I. Immediate Health Effects of Childhood Obesity
1. “Obese youth are more likely to have risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure.
2. Obese adolescents are more likely to have prediabetes which is a condition wherein blood glucose levels indicate a high risk for development of diabetes.
3.  Children and adolescents who are obese are at greater risk for bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, and social and psychological problems such as stigmatization and poor self-esteem

Long-term health effects:
1. Children and adolescents who are obese are likely to be obese as adults and are therefore more at risk for adult health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, several types of cancer, and osteoarthritis.
2. Overweight and obesity are associated with increased risk for many types of cancer, including cancer of the breast, colon, endometrium, esophagus, kidney, pancreas, gall bladder, thyroid, ovary, cervix, and prostate, as well as multiple myeloma and Hodgkin’s lymphoma.”

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Facts about Women Sexual Predators

A. Problems of Women Sexual Predators
1. Perception that only men can commit sexual abuse.  The perception is shaped by studies focusing on women as victims of sexual abuse by men.  Moreover, studies have the tendency to show that majority of victims of sexual abuse were girls and the perpetrator is their father.  Our perception is shaped by these studies and the image perpetuated in our minds by the mass media.

2. Perception that women could not commit sexual abuse.  The problem with cases of sexual predators who are women is that many believe it does not exist.  The public perception is that women are almost always the victims and they cannot be the sexual predators.  

3. Disagreement about the cases of sexual predators involving women. While there are reports about women committing sexual abuses against teenagers, there is still confusion on the frequency by which women sexually abuse teenagers and under what circumstances.

While society may have difficulty accepting the fact that sexual abuse by women exists, the fact is that men are not the only ones who are capable of committing sexual abuse.  Women can engage in sexual abuse and that there are a number of women who have been caught having sex with teenagers.

B. Why is awareness of sexual abuse committed by women important?
It is important to address this problem because victims of male abuse suffer in the same way as female abuse.  

1. Victims can turn to drugs, alcohol, solvent to erase that memory
2. Victims may attempt to commit suicide
3. Victims can have gender identity issues
4. Victims may have difficulty maintaining relationships
5. Victims may have unresolved anger problems, shame and guilty
6. Victims may engage in self-mutilation
7. Victims may suffer from anorexia or bulimia
8. Victims may suffer from panic attacks
9. Victims may become fearful of touching their own children.

C. Characteristics of Women Sexual Predators
According to Dr. Stacey, a psychologist, these women sexual predators have severe psychiatric problems. They are drug addicts or even sex addicts, severe bipolar and multiple personality.  Some have low self-esteem so they go for teenagers who are younger and who cannot fight them.

D. Victims of Women Sexual Predators
Victims are ashamed to come out because nobody believes them.  In a society that believes that women are victims telling other people that a male teenager has been victimized is very difficult.  It shatters all known social perceptions, biases and prejudices that women are incapable of becoming sexual predators.

Moreover, the male teenage victims suffer from shame.  They are ashamed to come out and tell people that they are not comfortable with what happened to them.  Because of the cougar phenomenon they feel ashamed to come out that they have been victimized by females older than them.  


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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Should there be Limits to Strip Searches for Individuals Arrested for Minor Crimes

Should there be limitation on the police officers' conduct of strip searches on individuals who have been arrested for minor crimes?

The Supreme Court is now determining whether a person who was arrested for unpaid traffic ticket should be strip searched when taken into the county jail.

The case pertains to Albert Florence who as a result of a computer error was arrested by the police.  He claimed that he was removed from his car and taken to two country prisons where he was required to clothe, bathe and stand in front of the officers, spread his arms, squat, and cough.

The issue will focus on an individual’s right to privacy and against unlawful searches and seizures protected under the Fourth Amendment as against the duty of the prison officials to make sure that every individual who is arrested does not enter into prison with an illegal contraband.

Florence’s counsel contends that while defendants can be asked to disrobe and shower they should not be exposed to humiliation by subjecting them to a more thorough search without reason.  

To my mind,  the police officers who subjected Florence to the cruel and humiliating experience should even be told to issue an apology for their rude treatment on him


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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Frank Kameny remembered as the Gay Rights Pioneer

We will forever remember your legacy, Frank Kameny.

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Why Homosexual Marriages should be Legalized

Homosexual Marriages, also known as same-sex marriages, are defined as the marriage between two persons of the same gender. The first public gay wedding in United States was performed by Rev. Troy Perry in 1969 which was not legally recognized. In 1970, the Metropolitan Community Churches filed the first-ever lawsuit seeking legal recognition of same sex marriages.

Nowadays, it is no longer uncommon to find individuals fighting for recognition of homosexual marriages. Is it time for the society to change its view of marriage? Is procreation the sole purpose of marriage? Is marriage not about companionship, mutual love and support? These questions may be answered in the essay on Homosexual Marriage.

The Reliable and Affordable Essay Writing Services

Those who are in favor of homosexual marriages or same sex marriages argue that it is the obligation of the state to recognize marriage between same-sex couples. It is their argument that it is time for the society to recognize their union or partnership.  Their argument is based on the idea that marriage is a right of every individual. It is a civil right which should not be restricted to opposite-sex couples. As a civil right, marriage is a covenant or an agreement between two persons who declare before the solemnizing officer that they are willing to take the other as husbands or wives. The role of the state in marriage is to merely to make official and recognize their partnership.

Those who are in favor of homosexual marriages or same-sex marriages argue that there is nothing in the constitution that requires couples to be of different sex before marriage may be solemnized. They argue that refusing to legalize their partnership is a violation of the Equal Protection Clause under the Constitution.

The supporters of same-sex marriage also argue that procreation is no longer the sole purpose of marriage. If it is true that procreation is the sole purpose of marriage then individuals who are about to get married should be examined first if they are capable of procreation. Old individuals should also be rendered unfit for marriage because of their incapacity to procreate.

Homosexual marriage is a sensitive issue nowadays. Because the society has moved towards recognition of diversity, more individuals are clamoring for recognition of their partnership. It is hoped that someday the church and the state will finally accept homosexual marriages and recognize their status.


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