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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Essay on Culture and Homophobia

Are you looking for an essay on Culture and Homophobia ? You may be given by your professor the following instruction: 

What is the current situation regarding homophobia, the irrational hatred of homosexuals, in your home culture? Where does homophobia in that culture come from? What is the situation today regarding homophobia in your age group, and what do you predict for the future- and when.

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Homophobia is defined as the irrational fear and hatred towards homosexuals.  It is actually a misnomer since the term phobia.  It should be emphasized that homophobia pertains more to the anger or hatred towards homosexuals rather than fear of the homosexuals. 

In many societies, homophobia is an issue that is not being openly addressed but its presence is mostly felt because of the various practices against gays.  Some companies prohibit gay employees but it is not explicitly provided for in the company policy.  However, in the United States military, gays are expressly denied the opportunity to become members.  This is manifested in the practice known as the don’t ask don’t tell policy.  

In some countries, there is an open policy against gays and lesbians.  The Islamic Penal Code of Iran of 1991 punishes sodomy or the sexual intercourse between males.  The act is considered a grave offense since those who are caught violating the law are punished by death.  Because of the express prohibition against sodomy, several men who have been caught violating the law have been executed for their homosexual activity. 

A study of the history of Iran will reveal that there was a time when homosexual activity was permitted.  In fact, many scholars say that homophobia in modern Iran is the result of modernization.  According to scholars, Iran was only influenced by the Western culture which is the reason why homophobia exists. 

In other countries, the acceptance towards gay is improving.  Research also shows that the public attitude towards gays is improving.  This is manifested from the various television sitcoms, anti-discrimination policies in major corporations, and the liberal laws that embrace gays. (Ricci & Bidderman  B1) Research also shows that public acceptance of gays in the military improved from 51% to 80% according to a poll in 2003. (Ricci & Bidderman  B1) The public approval of gays as elementary school teachers grew from 27% to 61%. (Ricci & Bidderman  B1) These studies indicate that acceptance is higher than in the past years. 

As of today, homophobia is still high in Iran.  It is still unsure whether this is because of the leader alone or whether the public agrees with the opinion of their leader.  Though Iran is still mainly homophobic as recent news still prohibits engaging in homosexual activities it is my opinion that the homophobia will someday be removed.  Because of the efforts of gays and lesbians activist in Iran the policies that are homophobic will be discontinued.  It is suggest that gays and lesbian activists should continuously fight for their rights.  They should now be cowed by the laws against them. Rather, they should continuously make their voices heard.  In the future, the international community will finally help them and remove the practices against them.  


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