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Friday, October 28, 2011

Essay on Life of Fidel Castro

Essay on The Life of Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro Ruz, the first president and commander in chief of the first communist state in the Western Hemisphere.  Its memoire is much like of a Cinderella story, from humble beginnings to a gratifying life of power and abundance.  Fidel Castro was an illegitimate child of illiterate sugar planters.  But what his parents lack in education they provided Castro.  They send him to a good school to acquire the necessary tutelage.  Castro was a prodigy in his young life; he excels not only in sports and athletics but in academics as well.  Proof was his degree in law school.  He finished law school in Havana, a place where the rich people play.

Castro practices his profession by helping the poor people of Cuba who cannot afford the services of a lawyer.  Thus he oftentimes suffer financial crisis.  In this scenario also his eyes were opened to the inequalities suffered by his person in the hands of a few government ministers who does favours for the benefit of the large corporations owned by the United States.  In that time, Cuba was ruled by General Fulgencio Bautista who subsequently defeated by Castro after some guerrilla attacks.

Fidel Castro rose to power.  He started to rebuild Cuba.  As an education devotee, he founded free education.  As a believer in morality, he closed down casinos and night clubs.  Cuba was beginning to progress.  But as what the maxim says “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  Castro begun to oppose the external help of other countries especially the United States.   He solely relies on the capacity of Cuba as a strong confident country.  What the United States did not offer, Castro find it on the other countries such as the Soviet Union.  Castro also begun to rule as a communist when he neglected the services of the people around him whom he cannot trust.  

Feared that Cuba will be communist base because of the continuous support of the Soviet Union, the CIA and FBI planned to assassinate the great Cuban leader but to no success.  His actions of allowing the Soviet Union to build nuclear missiles in the Cuban territories pave the way to the Cuban Missile Crisis which marks the change in the Cold War.  The last years of Cuba was filled with atrocities.  The machine used in sugar production was obsolete making the production as low as it can be.  Thus the fall of Castro’s power commenced.  In addition Castro was suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Truly, Fidel Castro was a boundless leader in that time.  He has the knowledge and skill of a great one.  He can talk to kings but he can also walk with farmers.  He possesses what the other leader’s lack, the numerous supports of his people.  Eventually, because of manly errors Fidel Castro was drowned with power.  Again, “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

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