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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Green School in Indonesia

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In Indonesia, John Hardy, a successful business man, established the first environment-friendly school called the Green School.  Bothered and horrified after learning of the potential impact of climate change, he dedicated his life to do whatever he could to help save the environment.  

The Green School provides the children with a holistic education with sustainability at its core.  It teaches the children the essential curriculum subject such as chemistry and physics and even the arts.  It aims to focus on teaching the children to appreciate the importance of environment and ecology.  

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The school which is made from bamboo also practices what it preaches.  It seeks to decrease the school’s carbon emission.  Power is also generated with the use of hydroelectric vortex and solar panel.  

However, studying in this school comes with a high price tag.  It charges nearly $6,000 to almost $13,000 per annum.  

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