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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Alternatives to Juvenile Incarceration

Are you looking for persuasive essay on alternatives to juvenile incarceration? Do you need evidence to support your theory that locking up juveniles is not only costly but ineffective as well?

After analyzing the data in the past four decades, the Annie E. Casey Foundation reported that crimes will not rise if juvenile officers will be release from detention facilities.

Below are the important points in the said report:

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  1. “Numerous states have closed facilities or lowered correctional populations, reaping significant savings for taxpayers without any measurable increase in youth crime.” This only means that the public does not have to fear about the possibility of an increase in crime if ever youth population on detention facilities will be reduced.
  2. In Texas, for example, since 2007 juvenile crime fell by 10% and juvenile arrests fell by 9% even though it decrease the jailed youth population.
  3. Locking up juvenile offenders in correctional facilities, which costs states a yearly average of $88,000 per youth, is not paying off from a public safety, rehabilitation or cost perspective

Alternatives to Juvenile Incarceration

The Justice Department Office of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention suggests as alternatives to juvenile incarceration the following:

  1. residential programs
  2. out-of-home placement
  3. community confinement

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