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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Learning Disability May Lead to Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency is one of the society’s biggest problems.  In the past, studies have been made to find out the causes of juvenile delinquency in an effort to understand the problem and find solutions.  Recent studies show that there is a strong correlation between learning disability and juvenile delinquency.  In fact, these studies suggest that there is even greater correlation between school failure and juvenile delinquency compared to socio-economic difficulty and juvenile delinquency. The findings is corroborated by another study which says that 80% of juvenile delinquents do not have life plans but the statistics drops to 11% if the person receives his high school diploma or if he finishes a vocational program.

The implication of the study is enormous in understanding the problem of juvenile delinquency.  The idea is that for a person to observe the norms within the society it is imperative for him to feel attached to the society.  However, individuals who have learning disabilities are not as attached to the society compared to individuals who do not have learning disabilities.  Since he feels that the society does not value him the rules of the society have no importance to him.  Consequently, he is more likely to violate its laws.

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It is important to stress that individuals who have learning disabilities do not necessarily come from the poorest sections of the society.  They may not have come from abusive homes.  However, they are as more likely to engage in delinquency in view of certain factors.  In fact, they are high risk for engaging in delinquent behavior because of certain characteristics.

Studies say that individuals with learning disabilities have the tendency to want immediate gratification.  They are individuals who simply cannot wait because he can get something that he likes.  If he wants something the reaction is to get it now instead of waiting.

An individual with learning disability often have difficulty comprehending the effects of his actions.  They are more likely to act in certain way without thinking of its consequences beforehand.  They have the tendency to act first and think about the action later.

The correlation between learning disability and juvenile delinquency requires further study for the sociologists to truly understand how to address the problem of learning disability.

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