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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Facts about Women Sexual Predators

A. Problems of Women Sexual Predators
1. Perception that only men can commit sexual abuse.  The perception is shaped by studies focusing on women as victims of sexual abuse by men.  Moreover, studies have the tendency to show that majority of victims of sexual abuse were girls and the perpetrator is their father.  Our perception is shaped by these studies and the image perpetuated in our minds by the mass media.

2. Perception that women could not commit sexual abuse.  The problem with cases of sexual predators who are women is that many believe it does not exist.  The public perception is that women are almost always the victims and they cannot be the sexual predators.  

3. Disagreement about the cases of sexual predators involving women. While there are reports about women committing sexual abuses against teenagers, there is still confusion on the frequency by which women sexually abuse teenagers and under what circumstances.

While society may have difficulty accepting the fact that sexual abuse by women exists, the fact is that men are not the only ones who are capable of committing sexual abuse.  Women can engage in sexual abuse and that there are a number of women who have been caught having sex with teenagers.

B. Why is awareness of sexual abuse committed by women important?
It is important to address this problem because victims of male abuse suffer in the same way as female abuse.  

1. Victims can turn to drugs, alcohol, solvent to erase that memory
2. Victims may attempt to commit suicide
3. Victims can have gender identity issues
4. Victims may have difficulty maintaining relationships
5. Victims may have unresolved anger problems, shame and guilty
6. Victims may engage in self-mutilation
7. Victims may suffer from anorexia or bulimia
8. Victims may suffer from panic attacks
9. Victims may become fearful of touching their own children.

C. Characteristics of Women Sexual Predators
According to Dr. Stacey, a psychologist, these women sexual predators have severe psychiatric problems. They are drug addicts or even sex addicts, severe bipolar and multiple personality.  Some have low self-esteem so they go for teenagers who are younger and who cannot fight them.

D. Victims of Women Sexual Predators
Victims are ashamed to come out because nobody believes them.  In a society that believes that women are victims telling other people that a male teenager has been victimized is very difficult.  It shatters all known social perceptions, biases and prejudices that women are incapable of becoming sexual predators.

Moreover, the male teenage victims suffer from shame.  They are ashamed to come out and tell people that they are not comfortable with what happened to them.  Because of the cougar phenomenon they feel ashamed to come out that they have been victimized by females older than them.  


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