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Thursday, January 31, 2013

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We are once again approaching the months you dread the most – February to April.  During these months, your teachers suddenly go berserk and start requiring their students to submit tons of paper works.  Many of them wish that they had not been born at all because of the heavy workload during these months! (Do you feel the same way as well?)

Don’t worry help is on the way!

Customer Registration
We took advantage of the long holiday break to make a few improvements on our website which you will surely love. In the coming days, you will have the option to register to our website

Benefits of Customer Registration
  1. You don’t have to enter your name over and over again every time you order.  Does typing your name and contact details give you a hard time? You are not alone.  By registering to our website, you will never again have to type your name and contact details every time you order.
  2. You get to receive cool discounts and freebies. If you place more orders then you should be rewarded with more discounts! Does that sound nice?

Customer Referral Program
We observed that most students who place their order belong to the same class.  One of the possible reasons is that a student probably gave a good word about us to their friends. Because of their recommendation, their friends trusted us with their essays and research papers.

However, the students who spread the good word about us do not get any reward for their help.

In recognition of the efforts of these students who vouch for the quality of our work and service to their friends, we launched the Customer Referral Program.

The Customer Referral Program allows you can now get 10% of all the orders of the students you referred to our company.

Let us say, you referred Client A. Every time Client A places an order, you get 10% commission. All you have to do is to tell Client A to use the unique referral link we sent you when they register to our website so the system will know that you referred Client A.

So, you do not have to worry about their school problems. You can bet that we are doing our best to serve you better.

We are here for you and we are looking forward to make a great place for you to be.


Portia Lewis
Community Manager

Friday, January 11, 2013

Essay on Impact of Truancy on Student's Academic Performance

Essay on Impact of Truancy on Student's Academic Performance

Truancy or the habitual absence of students without any valid reason has nothing but a negative impact on the student's academic performance. This is quite understandable considering the fact that because the students are frequently absent, they are not able to learn anything on a consistent basis. They are busy doing other things outside the school. Even if they somehow manage to attend class, their minds are not focused in studying but on what they are planning to do once the class is over (Bye 29). With such a negative attitude, it is hard to imagine how these students can ever achieve an excellent academic performance over the long term.

Most schools do not tolerate truancy, so once students exceed the maximum allowed absences that have been set by the school, they will be expelled automatically from the school. This is another hit on the academic performance of the truant students because once they get expelled their learning process keeps getting stalled. Their parents will be forced to find other schools that will be willing to accept students with a history of truancy, and this is something that can really be hard. School administrators will be hesitant to accept students with a history of truancy especially if they are also dealing with the same problem in their students. Being expelled because of truancy also contributes to the loss of interest of the students to attend school. It sends them a message that they are not wanted anymore in school and that they are not meant to study in school. Thus, the parents will experience a difficult time motivating their children to go back to school once they have been expelled already as the motivation and interest is not there anymore. In this case, the academic performance and desire for learning of the student is really questionable.

What can be worse is that truancy is often connected to delinquency. Once truant students become delinquent any hope that they can ever achieve excellent academic performance will be totally quashed (Hess 389). These students will become busy in doing illegal activities, including using or selling drugs and becoming an alcoholic. They could come to school under the influence of drugs or alcohol, so there is no way that they can ever concentrate in their studies and help themselves to improve their knowledge and skills. These students will have to undergo rehabilitation first before they can be accepted to return to school and resume studies.

Because of the negative impacts of truancy in the academic performance of students, it is always suggested that parents need to make sure to prevent their children from becoming truant. They hold the key toward ensuring that their children understand why they need to go to school and what benefits they will get from it (Reid 68). The parents have to guide their children very early in their lives to appreciate being in school because other children are not able to do so because of financial problems. Once the children are able to understand the importance of schooling, they will grow up without getting tempted to become truant. They will work hard to finish schooling with flying colours because they know that their parents worked hard to ensure that they are able to study in the best schools. These students will honour the hard work of their parents by getting a diploma and eventually having a great career. It is undeniable that most truant students did not have their parents to guide them in their schooling. Thus, it became easy for them to take schooling for granted. Parents have to be responsible enough to prevent this from happening to their children or else it may be too late to act.

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Essay on the Politics of Criminal Investigation

Essay on the Politics of Criminal Investigation: A criminal justice system essay

Criminal Justice
How should society manage the politics of criminal investigation? When would it be in the community's best interest not to convict a known offender?
Society should manage the politics of criminal investigation in an optimistic manner. It is undeniable that the politics of criminal investigation somehow provides a negative image to it because of the presence of corrupt police investigators. However, this is not enough reason for the people in society not to trust the criminal investigation process. The people must still have confidence and trust the investigators will do their best to conduct the investigation process effectively and fairly. If the people are asked to help in the criminal investigation process by telling the investigators what they know, they must not hesitate to do so in order to help solve the crime (Regoli, 2012). The people must have the mentality that if they will not cooperate in the criminal investigation just because of the politics involved, the whole society will eventually enter a state of chaos as crimes will never be resolved.

It would be in the community's best interest not to convict a known offender when the offender has already shown that he or she has the capability to change his negative actions for the better. There are many offenders who just engage in illegal activities because they are being influenced by the evil people around them. However, once they are enlightened during the rehabilitation process, they demonstrate the capability to learn from their mistakes and bounce back stronger (Smartt, 2006). These offenders realize the mistakes that they made in the past and prove their willingness to correct them. In these cases, it will be better for the community not to convict these offenders as they can serve as role models to others and help prevent them from also becoming offenders themselves. These offenders can provide advice to other people in the community so that they will know what to do to avoid violating the law.

Will technology ever completely replace old-fashioned police work? Should it? Why or why not?
Technology will not really completely replace old-fashioned police work. Technologies will simply be there to help the police officers to better do their jobs. Even if technologies have certainly become abundant and have significantly influenced law enforcement, it is hard to image that they will take over the old-fashioned police work. At the end of the day, the police officers must remain visible to the public and show that they are in control. They need to constantly interact with the people to know and address their safety and security needs (Siegel, 2009). The police officers need to arrest offenders of the law and send them to the right correctional facilities for their punishment. These are all old-fashioned police work that can never be replaced by any kind of technology.

There should not be an expectation that technology has to completely replace old-fashioned police work. After all, it will still be the police officers who will use these technologies for their intended purposes. Thus, people are still in control over technologies and not the other way around. Police work will certainly become much more improved once the right technologies are integrated and effectively used, but these are machines and police officers are human beings. In order for orderliness and peace to be maintained in society, it has to be the police officers and the people who need to be interacting with one another, and not the people interacting with the technologies. The interaction among people is very special and unique because they are the only creatures that are capable of such. Technologies are machines that do not have emotions. They can only be effective for as long as the police officers know how to use them. Thus, it is best that technologies be allowed to provide supportive roles while the police officers do their usual responsibilities while using these technologies.
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Essay on Smoking and Lung Cancer

Essay on Smoking and Lung Cancer

Smoking has become a common habit for many people all over the world.  It has become an addiction to some even if measures by the government to make cigarettes more expensive have already been implemented. What is ironic is that even if people are aware of the negative health effects of smoking, the smokers still do not seem to care. The feeling must be so great when smoking that it’s hard to stop it once a person starts to do it. However, what is also undeniable is that smoking is a direct cause of lung cancer, and lung cancer is one of the most common causes of deaths all over the world (Anderson, 2005). This fact must be more than enough for smokers to finally give up this deadly habit before it’s too late.

It is easy to understand as to why smoking causes lung cancer. It has been discovered that more than forty carcinogens are present in a cigarette. Thus, people who are heavy smokers also have a higher risk of getting lung cancer in the long run. What makes cigarettes very addicting is the substance known as nicotine. Once a cigarette is smoked, the nicotine helps to provide somewhat a calming and relaxing feeling to the smoker. The nicotine also sends a signal to the brain to urge the smoker to smoke another cigarette (Slovic, 2001). Over time, smokers do not realize that what used to be a habit of smoking just one cigarette per day has become one pack per day, and this steadily increases until addiction sets in. This is how addicting cigarettes can really be, and it is extremely hard to stop this habit once people have become heavy smokers. Sadly, the lungs can only absorb a certain level of damage, and once their defences fall apart the heavy smokers have to deal with lung cancer.

People with lung cancer because of heavy smoking usually are not able to breathe properly because their lungs have been extensively damaged already by the harmful substances found in the cigarette. These substances get deposited in the lungs and its alveoli and clog the airways, thus preventing effective breathing. Images of people with lung cancer show that the lungs look burned like charcoal. This indicates the heavy punishment that the lungs had to deal with just so the person can smoke cigarettes and feel better. Just like with any type of cancer, if the lung cancer is detected early, it can be possible that the situation can be reversed and cured eventually (Hyde, 2006). Chemotherapy can be done immediately to eliminate the cancer cells in the lungs. However, most heavy smokers usually ignore the warning signs that they already have lung cancer. They will refuse to consult the doctor even if they are already coughing blood and have difficulty in breathing. Once they finally decide to consult the doctor, it is already too late as the lung cancer is already in its serious stage and treatment is useless. 

It is a pitiful sight to see people with lung cancer struggling to breath and looking pathetic when there was a time when they were so strong and lively. What makes this even more frustrating is that this was caused by a simple stick of cigarette that can be easily bought anywhere. These people knew the negative effects in health by cigarettes, but still they went on and smoked heavily (Keyishan, 2003). Thus, these people are merely paying the price for their lack of discipline and commitment to resist the temptation of smoking. For those who are planning to quit smoking but are still hesitating to do so, it’s about time that they find the courage to stop this habit because they will surely suffer the same fate as those people who died of lung cancer.
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Essay on Evidence Collection and Photography

Essay on Evidence Collection and Photography

Evidence Collection and Photography
In handling the victim’s bloodstained clothing, it is important that the clothing item is wrapped in a paper and placed in the evidence box or bag. The evidence bag or box used is then labelled for identification purposes. The blood stain in the clothing item will remain as is and will not be removed (Dale, 2007). Since the bloodstained clothing is not really a huge item of evidence, it can already be placed in a small evidence bag or box. The most important thing is that there is proper labelling of the evidence bag or box to avoid confusion once the examiners start analyzing the bloodstained clothing.

In terms of the information that would be collected for the evidence tag, the description of the bloodstained clothing is certainly a very important piece of information that needs to be included in the evidence tag. There has to be more details provided about how the clothing item looks like aside from the blood stains on it. Any brand name or serial number that can be found in the bloodstained clothing item must be noted. Aside from this, the place where the bloodstained clothing item was recovered also needs to be included in the evidence tag. This will be vital during the investigation process (Vince, Jr. 2005). The person who collected the bloodstained clothing item as evidence must be included because if there are any anomalies or issues about how this evidence was collected, it will be this person who will be answerable for that. This person will have to provide explanations as to how he or she collected the bloodstained clothing item and whether he or she followed the guidelines in collecting such evidence. Lastly, there has to be details about the police case number or identifier and the date when the bloodstained clothing item was collected as evidence.

The best manner to make the bloodstained clothing as evidence is by taking photographs. It is necessary to take photographs that of the patterns that can be found in the bloodstained clothing because they will be crucial towards the identification of a fingerprint and its owner. It is a known fact that every person has a unique fingerprint, and the blood stain in the clothing can possibly reveal the identity of the killer once his or her fingerprint is located. A 90 degree angle must be used in taking the photographs of the blood stains so that they will look clearer and easier to examine (Robinson, 2009). This will help to easily pinpoint the location of the fingerprints that can be examined to determine the owners of them. Close-up and medium-range photographs of the blood stain must also be taken so that the investigators can use different angles when examining the blood stain in the laboratory. The investigators can be able to think of different scenarios and possibilities through looking at close-up and medium-range photographs of the bloodstained clothing item. Thus, it will be easier for them find out which scenarios and possibilities are logical and which are not, leading to the faster resolution of the case at hand.

Each photograph should be marked if taken with a digital camera through making reference files that will eventually be saved in the computer for retrieval later on. The reference files will then be examined to determine which among the photographs taken were clear enough to be used for examination purposes (Fish, 2010). The most important thing is that whoever took the photograph from the digital camera must also make a digital signature because this will confirm that he or she was the one who took the photograph. This will also prevent possible tampering of the photograph.

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