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Friday, January 4, 2013

Essay on Yellow Fever

 Essay on Yellow Fever

The symptoms of yellow fever start to appear within the timeframe of three to six days. Majority of the symptoms usually include fever, headache, loss of appetite and vomiting. There are certain instances where jaundice is being experienced by people with yellow fever as well as internal bleeding. In terms of transmission, the yellow fever virus gets transferred to human beings by way of the bite of the yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti (St. Georgiev 266). This virus is being carried by the female mosquito which gets the blood of the individual infected by the virus. Once the mosquito bites the skin of the human victim, the yellow fever virus is then injected into the blood with the aid of the saliva of the mosquito. 

Vaccination is one of the most effective ways to prevent yellow fever. This is highly suggested especially for people who would be travelling to places where yellow fever cases are very rampant. It is usually the case that tourists are the ones who get sick with yellow fever. The effectiveness of the vaccine will stabilize after ten days and usually remains effective for a minimum of ten years. There are certain nations in Asia that are always at risk of experiencing yellow fever epidemics because of the abundance of mosquitoes that can initiate the transmission of the yellow fever virus to humans. Thus, to stop this possible transmission, certain nations require previous vaccination of tourists after visiting locations that are prone to yellow fever. Vaccination needs to be validated through the issuance of a vaccination certificate which is considered effective for ten years. The countries that demand yellow fever vaccination is released by the WHO. Once the vaccination is impossible to be done for whatever reason, dispensation could be the next option, and an exemption certificate provided by vaccination centre supported by the WHO is needed.

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Aside from vaccination, reducing the breeding rate of the yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti is also being done to prevent yellow fever. One method being done is eliminating the larva, and this is achieved through lessening the presence of water build-up in the environment. Larvicides are also being used because these organisms like to feed on the larva of yellow fever mosquitoes. The adult yellow fever mosquitoes are also being killed through the use of insecticides. 

It is important to remember that yellow fever is being caused by the virus that keeps on multiplying once it is injected into the blood of the human victim. Thus, there are many important organs or organ systems that get damaged as the yellow fever gets serious and left untreated. The liver is one of the organs that get seriously damaged by yellow fever, and once the liver fails to function effectively, the skin and eyes develop a yellowish colour referred to as jaundice (Cefrey 43). Once jaundice starts to happen, the blood loses its capability to clot which leads to more damage. The uncontrollable internal bleeding could happen from any part of the body.  Damage to the heart, brain, and other important organs of the body could result to coma and vulnerability to more infections. 

Unfortunately, there is no cure for yellow fever as of this time. Thus, the patients will have to get hospitalized and undergo comprehensive care due to the possibility of quick deterioration of the body in certain situations. A symptomatic treatment involves rehydration and pain relief using paracetamol. To educate someone about this disease, I would make sure to provide him or her with the relevant materials and references which could educate him or her about how serious yellow fever is and what he or she needs to do to prevent getting this disease or what he or she needs to do upon getting yellow fever.

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