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Monday, January 7, 2013

Marketing Research Paper on SoBe

Marketing Research Paper on SoBe

The Product
The name SoBe stands for “South Beach”, an upscale area situated in Miami Beach Florida. SoBe is a brand of fruit juice blends or smoothie, teas, and enhanced water beverages owned by PepsiCo. It offers variety of flavors in the market including Cranberry Grapefruit Vita Boost, Fuel – Strawberry Banana, Blizzard Pina Collada, and Tsunami Orange Cream. Customers may also buy other variants like SoBe Lean Honey Green Tea, SoBe LifeWater Strawberry Kiwi, B-Energy Blackcherry Dragon Fruit, and Life Water Zero Calorie depending on their wants and needs.

These products contain vitamins, antioxidants, and herbal ingredients, come with no artificial sweeteners and has unique flavor combinations to fit to the needs of its target market. These naturally sweetened products hydrates the body and even helps in burning excessive fats.

Product Features
SoBe products are naturally energizing, refreshing, and hydrating. The products are made with naturally sourced caffeine, guarana, and ginseng and come in no artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors.

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SoBe hydrates the body, boosts up metabolism, and helps in burning excessive and unwanted fats. It is low on saturated and unsaturated fats, so taking a bottle of SoBe a day will definitely provide positive outcomes to consumers especially those who are on weight loss program. SoBe products also ensure that the essential mineral, proteins, and vitamins supply remains balance (Parry, n.d.). 

Unlike other neophyte products in the market, SoBe made use of other advertising tools to attract its target market. Instead of creating TV and radio ads, SoBe focused only on print advertising and sponsorship of extreme athletes like motocross racing team. These marketing tactics gained the attention of different groups of consumers ranging from teenagers to business executives. The product was portrayed as a beverage drink for people who are always on the go yet wanted a healthier body. With the SoBe’s ways of promoting the product, SoBe has successfully relayed that information to its target markets.

Before the fruit-flavored energy drinks fortified with ginseng became popular in the market, SoBe has already known as a producer of delicious and healthy beverage products in the market. Even before PepsiCo acquired SoBe, this brand was able to establish a good reputation in the market, making it hard for competitors to introduce new products in line with SoBe’s offerings. When SoBe began selling its product, the new trend on energy drinks was still in its infancy. Today, SoBe is a recognized category within the beverage industry with other powerhouse companies’s drinks such as Coco-Cola’s ginseng-laden KMX and Snapples’s Elements line (Evans & Cullen, 2003).

SoBe’s position in the market of softdrinks is not conventional, as consumers may think when they hear Coke or Red Bull, but a New Age drink that target large yet different variety of groups in the market. Basically, it is ‘lifestyle’ soft drinks that are mainly for health-conscious individuals who are looking for healthy alternatives to carbonated drinks in the stores.

SoBe’s brands have been known for its embossed dueling lizards on the bottle. Although the labeling varies by product flavor, the lizard-based graphic is always present on the packaging. This signature-logo of SoBe in all the products it sells to the market became the distinguishing factor that adds brand recognition among its consumers. When customers see the edgy bottle packaging with dueling lizards in the grocery store, they already know that it is a SoBe’s product.

Product Life Cycle
With SoBe’s success in the market, it is unquestionably on its maturity stage now. The brand continuously sells and gains huge revenue in the market regardless of other beverage products that are currently offering and trying to penetrate the beverage industry.

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