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Friday, January 4, 2013

Essay on Emotional Hijacking

Essay on Emotional Hijacking

Pick one significant topic from this section and write a 600-word essay on the subject.(Use outside source or personal experience. Writer must use this textbook Title " Emotional Intelligence"  BY author DANIEL COLEMAN Chapter two "Anatomy of an Emotional Hijacking:

A significant topic in Chapter 2 of the book is the emotional hijack. The author described an emotional hijack as an explosion of emotions caused by a neural takeover (Goleman 14). This is because there can be instances wherein people can get overwhelmed by their emotions of fear or anger that they are not able to think clearly. This eventually leads them to making silly mistakes that can have serious consequences. Once the emotional hijack is over, it is only then that people realize the mistake that they did. Most of the time, they cannot believe that they were capable of doing those silly things. 

One of the typical examples of an emotional hijack is when people are so overwhelmed by anger or frustration that they utter hurtful words or curses that others do not normally hear from them. This is certainly very embarrassing, but because of the extreme anger and frustration the only way that they could release their pent up emotions is to curse at the people whom they are angry at. Others who hear these curses certainly get stunned and shocked, and they wonder how such people can create a controversy by being unable to control their anger and frustration. Once these people get restrained and regain their bearings, it is only then that they finally realize how stupid they were for misbehaving badly in public. They only become aware of the huge embarrassment that they caused themselves and others involved in their hurtful tirade once such actions are already over. However, even if these people express their resentment over their misbehaviours, the damage has already been done and many other individuals have already been hurt. This only proves how destructive emotional hijacks can truly be to people. They make people look foolish by taking advantage of their negative emotions and feelings.

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An emotional hijack can also be connected to positive emotions. For example, upon witnessing an embarrassing moment of a person, some people just could not prevent themselves from laughing so hard. Their laughter starts to look ordinary at first but because they could not believe what the embarrassment that they just saw, they keep on laughing for an extended period of time that it has become really annoying to others. This is certainly not good for the person who got embarrassed because his or her embarrassment keeps on going as other people keep on laughing their hearts out.

This is where emotional intelligence enters the equation. People who get victimized by emotional hijacks are those who have very low emotional intelligence. This means that they are still unable to control their emotions in the sense that they are not going to be overwhelmed by them regardless of how negative or positive the situation might be. On the other hand, people who have a high emotional intelligence has a very low possibility of falling into the traps of emotional hijacks because they have already learned how to control their emotions and keep them in check all the time. Unfortunately, not too many people really pay attention towards improving their emotional intelligence because they do not think that it is important at all. They fail to understand the significance of taking time to improve their emotional intelligence, and so they continuously get victimized by emotional hijacks. Thus, people who have a high emotional intelligence deserve to be praised and emulated because they never get involved in situations where they make a fool out of themselves by allowing to get overwhelmed by their emotions. These people also experience highs and lows in terms of emotions, but their high level of emotional intelligence dictates what they have to do to always make the rational action.

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