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Friday, January 11, 2013

Compare and Contrast Essay: Persian Culture and the American Culture

Compare and Contrast Essay: Persian Culture and the American Culture

Moving to America from Persia has certainly become a huge challenge for me. I have realized that the culture of both countries is totally different from one another. Thus, the adjustments that I have to make to cope up to the American culture are really giving me a hard time. Nonetheless, I am optimistic that I will be able to enjoy the American culture as time goes by.

One thing that I noticed with regard to the differences between the Persian and America culture is that the Persian culture is more conservative while the American culture is more liberal. For example, in Persia if a couple goes out on a date, it is always the male who will have to pay for everything. Males have to be always prepared to spend so that the female partner can enjoy and have a good time. In America, it is quite different because the male and female often share the expenses in a date. The female do not really mind spending money on a date for as long as they are with somebody who they like. Aside from this, the familial traditions are also different in America and Persia. In Persia, the children remain under the guidance and custody of their parents until they get married. This tradition helps to ensure that families become well bonded and united. On the other hand, in America the children will usually want to live independently at age of 18 (Campbell, 1997). The young Americans want to prove to their parents that they can already decide for themselves and live their own lives without the support from their parents anymore. The American parents do not really worry about their children leaving their custody at the age of 18 because this has become the expectation or norm among young Americans.
I noticed that there are many fast food restaurants in America, something that are not very abundant in Persia. This clearly shows that life in America is very fast paced as people are working so hard trying to get rich and successful. Americans are always busy that they do not have even have time to prepare and cook their own food. Since they are always on the go, they will have to settle for foods that are prepared quickly so they can also eat quickly and go back to their work. This is totally different in Persia. The members of the family really make it a point to spend time to cook their food. Afterwards, they will also eat the food together as a whole family.  This helps to maintain the closeness and unity of the families in Persia which is not being valued in America that much.

However, I also discovered some similarities in the cultures of American and Persia. For example, I discovered that there is no racism in both cultures. In fact, the Persian and American cultures value cultural diversity and do not give unfair treatment to any particular cultural denomination. This part certainly made me feel good because as a person coming from Persia, I have not experienced any form of discrimination from black or white Americans. They have been very helpful in terms of enabling me to make the necessary adjustments and live a normal life in America. Aside from this, I also noticed that with regard to marriage, the guy prepares a marriage proposal to the girls whom he loves. After getting married, the females in Persia and America adopt the surname of their respective husbands. These similarities have helped me realize that even if I am a Persian who is already living in America, I can be able to appreciate the American culture without losing my Persian identity.

Campbell, N. (1997). American Culture. New York, NY: Routledge

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