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Friday, January 11, 2013

Essay on Impact of Truancy on Student's Academic Performance

Essay on Impact of Truancy on Student's Academic Performance

Truancy or the habitual absence of students without any valid reason has nothing but a negative impact on the student's academic performance. This is quite understandable considering the fact that because the students are frequently absent, they are not able to learn anything on a consistent basis. They are busy doing other things outside the school. Even if they somehow manage to attend class, their minds are not focused in studying but on what they are planning to do once the class is over (Bye 29). With such a negative attitude, it is hard to imagine how these students can ever achieve an excellent academic performance over the long term.

Most schools do not tolerate truancy, so once students exceed the maximum allowed absences that have been set by the school, they will be expelled automatically from the school. This is another hit on the academic performance of the truant students because once they get expelled their learning process keeps getting stalled. Their parents will be forced to find other schools that will be willing to accept students with a history of truancy, and this is something that can really be hard. School administrators will be hesitant to accept students with a history of truancy especially if they are also dealing with the same problem in their students. Being expelled because of truancy also contributes to the loss of interest of the students to attend school. It sends them a message that they are not wanted anymore in school and that they are not meant to study in school. Thus, the parents will experience a difficult time motivating their children to go back to school once they have been expelled already as the motivation and interest is not there anymore. In this case, the academic performance and desire for learning of the student is really questionable.

What can be worse is that truancy is often connected to delinquency. Once truant students become delinquent any hope that they can ever achieve excellent academic performance will be totally quashed (Hess 389). These students will become busy in doing illegal activities, including using or selling drugs and becoming an alcoholic. They could come to school under the influence of drugs or alcohol, so there is no way that they can ever concentrate in their studies and help themselves to improve their knowledge and skills. These students will have to undergo rehabilitation first before they can be accepted to return to school and resume studies.

Because of the negative impacts of truancy in the academic performance of students, it is always suggested that parents need to make sure to prevent their children from becoming truant. They hold the key toward ensuring that their children understand why they need to go to school and what benefits they will get from it (Reid 68). The parents have to guide their children very early in their lives to appreciate being in school because other children are not able to do so because of financial problems. Once the children are able to understand the importance of schooling, they will grow up without getting tempted to become truant. They will work hard to finish schooling with flying colours because they know that their parents worked hard to ensure that they are able to study in the best schools. These students will honour the hard work of their parents by getting a diploma and eventually having a great career. It is undeniable that most truant students did not have their parents to guide them in their schooling. Thus, it became easy for them to take schooling for granted. Parents have to be responsible enough to prevent this from happening to their children or else it may be too late to act.

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