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Free Essays Collection

Below is a list of essays which we have arranged according to topic. We hope these sample essays will be able to help students who are struggling to get ideas on what to write on their essays.

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Abortion Essays - Argumentative Essay In Favor of Abortion
                            - Essay on Abortion - Why Some Women are Forced to Undergo Abortion 
                            - Essay on Harmful Effects of Abortion

AIDS/HIV Essays - Essay on HIV/AIDS Problems in Africa

Alternative Energy - Essay on Wind Energy
                               - Essay on Global Outlook in Renewable Energy
                               - Facts about Clearn Energy and Renewable Energy                                 

Autism Essays - Essay on Signs of Autism in Children

Alcoholism Essays - Essay on Impact of Binge Drinking
                                - Essay on Alcohol's Long Term Impact on the Brain

Business Essays  - Essay on Pros and Cons of Labor Unions 
                            - Essay on Wal-Mart's Compensation Plan
                            - Essay on Far Labor Standards Act
                            - Essay on Halliburton Energy Services and Iraqi Contracts
                            - Formal Business Report on Abercrombie and Fitch
                            - Formal Business Report on In-N-Out Burgers, Inc
                            - Formal Business Report on Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream
                            - Essay on Merger between Hewlitt-Packard and EDS
                            - Essay on Business Ethics - Prohibition Against Corruption
                            - Essay on Business Ethics
                            - Essay on Change in Corporate Philosophy in Wrigley 
                            - Essay on Prohibition Against Competition in Employment Contracts
                            - Essay on Workplace Diversity
                            - Persuasive Essay on Wal-Mart's Human Resource Management Policy
                            - Essay on Legal Aspect of Job Interviews
                            - Essay on Human Resource Management and Organizational Effectiveness

Cancer Essays - Essay on Organic Chemistry as Cure for Cancer

Capital Punishment Essays - Essay on Lethal Injection - Arguments for and Against Lethal Injection
                                             - Essay on Arguments against Capital Punishment
                                             - Essay on Arguments In Favor of Capital Punishment
                                             - Essay on the Moral Dilemma of Capital Punishment

Corporal Punishment Essays - Research Paper on Corporal Punishment

Criminal Justice System Essays - Essay on Management of Jails and Prisons
                                                    - Essay on Punishment as a method of regulating behavior
                                                    - Essay on Prosecutorial Misconduct
                                                    - Essay on Concentric Zone Model
                                                    - Essay on Differences between Jails and Prisons
                                                    - Essay on Hearsay Evidence Rule and its Exceptions

Chemistry Essays - Essay on Gilbert Newton Lewis, Alessandro Volta and Luigi Galvani
                              - Essay on Walther Hermann Nernst, Josiah Willard Gibbs and Svante Arrhenius

Child Abuse Essays - Essay on Child Abuse and Recession

Civil Rights Movement Essays - Essay on Other Civil Rights Movement

Constitutional Rights Essays - Essay on Due Process Clause
                                               - Essay on the National ID System
                                               - Essay on Exclusionary Rule
                                               - Essay on Crime Scene Exception to the Fourth Amendment
                                               - Essay on Involuntary Commitment of Mentally Ill Persons 
                                               - Persuasive Essay against the USA Patriot Act
                                               - Essay on Slippery Slope
                                               - Essay on Warrantless Searches
                                               - Essay on Civil Liberties - The Freedom of Religion
                                               - Essay on the Right to Jury Trial in the United States
                                               - Essay on Constitutional Right to Counsel

Criminal Justice System Essays - Essay on Eyewitness Testimony is the Least Reliable Form of Evidence
                                                   - Essay on Criminal Investigations - Homicide Investigations                                                                 - Essay on Entrapment
                                                   - Essay on Crime Control Model
                                                   - Compare and Contrast Essay on Corrections Population between Alabama and Wyoming 
                                                   - Essay on Use of Technology and the Challenges in the Administration of Criminal Justice System
                                                   - Essay on Racial Profiling
                                                   - Research Paper on the Reliability of Eyewitness Testimony
                                                   - Research Paper on Legal Guidelines for Criminal Investigation
                                                   - Essay on Politics in Criminal Investigation
                                                   - Essay on Impact of Federal Legislation on Criminal Justice System   
                                                   - Essay on Reasons why A Defendant Should not be placed behind an opaque Screen
                                                   - Essay on Overcriminalization
                                                   - Essay on the Intended and Unintended Consequences of Punishment
                                                   - Essay on the Rehabilitation Model in the Prison System

Criminology Essays - Essay on Telemarketing Scam
                                 - Essay on Facts about Cybercrime
                                 - Facts about Women Sexual Predators
                                 - Essay on How to Protect Yourself against Computer Hacking
                                 - Essay on Criminality and Mental Disorder
                                 - Essay on Combatting Cybercrimes  
                                 - Essay on Banning of Electronic Device While Driving 
                                 - Essay on Al Capone and Analysis of Causes of Crime

Cultural Studies Essay - Essay on Cultural Assimilation
                                     - Essay on Cultural Stages of Man's Development
                                     - Research Paper on Cultural Assimilation

Deviant Behavior Essays - Research Paper on Dysfunctions of Deviance - Harmful Impact of Deviant Behavior
                                                   - Essay on the Positive Functions of Deviant Behavior 
Discrimination Essays - Essay on Ethnicity
                                     - Essay on Ambivalent Sexism Inventory
                                     - Critique Essay on Bias Persists for Women of Science  
                                     - Essay on Affirmative Action Plan

Marriage and Divorce Essays - Essay on Impact of Divorce - Helping Children Cope with Divorce
                                                - Essay on the Impact of Divorce on Children
                                                - Essay on the Benefits of Marriage
                                                -  Essay on Legalization of Same Sex Marriage
                                                - Research Paper on the Detrimental Effects of Divorce on Development of Children

Eating Disorder Essay - Essay on Culture and Eating Disorder

Economics Essay - Essay on Unemployment and Housing Crisis

Education Essays - Essay on the History of Bilingual Education
                             - Essay on the Habit of Reading
                             - Essay on Distance Learning
                             - Essay on Bilingual Education 
                             - Essay on the Benefits and Advantages of Standardized Testing 
                             - Persuasive Essay against Standardized Tests
                             - Essay on the Origin of Standardized Tests
                             - Essay on Learning Disability and Juvenile Delinquency  
                             - Persuasive Essay against Out of School Suspension

Essay Writing Tips - 5 Simple Tips in Writing Compare and Contrast Essay
                               - 5 Simple Tips in Writing Personal Statement Essay
                               - The Compass to an Effective Argumentative Essay
                               - Helpful Descriptive Essay Tips
                               - Top 3 Reasons Why College Application Essays are Important
                               - Essay Writing Guide for Students
                               - Tips to Improve Persuasive Essay/Argumentative Essay 
                               - 9 Tips to a Successful College Application Essay
                               - Essay on How to Write a Dissertation Paper
Ethics Essay - Essay on Business Ethics
Euthanasia Essays - Research Paper on Euthanasia


Global Warming Essays - Essay on Global Warming
                                        - Essay on Environmentalism
                                        - Essay on Human's Impact on the Environment
                                        - Essay on the Solutions to Global Warming
                                        - Essay on the Impact of the Traditional Hindu Funeral Pyre to the Environment
                                             - Essay on Hurricanes 
                                        - Essay on Green Building 
                                        - Essay on The Solution to the Problem of Air Pollution in Tehran
                                        - Essay on Environmentalism
                                        - Informative Essay on Green Building
                                        - Essay on Green School in Indonesia
                                        - Essay on the Effects of Global Warming 
                                        - Research Paper on Population and the Environment
                                        - Research Paper on the Impact of Global Warming on the coral reefs
Globalization Essays - Essay on Arguments Against Globalization
                                  - Essay on Globalization 

Gun Control Essays - Essay on Controlling the Access to and Use of Guns
                                 - Second Amendment Essay - Reasons why Guns Should Be Banned
                                 - Essay on Whether Gun Control Laws Make Streets Safer 
                                 - Essay on Arguments In Favor of Stricter Gun Control Law

Healthcare Reform Essays - Essay on Healthcare Reform - The United States Health Care System
                                           - Essay on Healthcare Professionals and Crime
                                           - Essay on Confidentiality of Healthcare Information
Health Essays   - Essay on Kidney Disease and Risk of Periodontal Disease
                         - Essay on Yellow Fever in Nigeria
                         - Research Paper on Tuberculosis - The Signs and Treatment of Tuberculosis
                         - Essay on the Technological and Global Challenges for Potable Water in Third-World Countries
                          - Research Paper on Obesity 
                         - Essay on Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) 
                            - Essay on Health Leadership and Community Development                    
                         - Essay on Impact of Landscape on Mental Health  
                         - Medical and Diagnostic Examination Research Paper 
                         - Research Paper on Health Risks of Breast Implant
                         - Research Paper on Lying in the Medical Profession
                         - Research Paper on the Acceptability of Lying in the Medical Profession
                         - Research Paper on the Problem of Counterfeit Drugs
                         - Argumentative Essay on Mandatory Drug Testing in the NFL
History Essays - Essay on the Frontier Experience
                        - Essay on Mississippi Black Code of 1867
                        - Essay on the History of Bilingual Education
                        - Research Paper on Causes of the Great Depression
                        - Essay on Hernan Cortes
                        - Essay on the Military Industrial Complex
                        - Essay on King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz: A Man of Peace
                        - Essay on US Military Readiness
                        - Essay on Life of Fidel Castro
                        - Essay on Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy 

Homosexuality Essays - Essay on Homosexuality in Iran
                                     - Essay on Culture and Homophobia
                                     - Essay on Legalization of Homosexual Marriages
                                     - Persuasive Essay on Homosexuality

Immigration Essays - Essay on Impact of Illegal Immigration
                                 - Essay on Illegal Immigration
                                 - Research Paper on Economic Impact of Immigration
                                 - Critical Analysis Essay on We Won't Solve Our Nation's Problems Without First Targeting Immigration

Juvenile Justice System Essays     - Essay on Theories of Juvenile Crime
                                                   - Essay on Juvenile Right
                                                   - Research Paper on the Parental Responsibility Law  as Solution to Juvenile Crime and Delinquency
                                                   - Essay on Alternatives to Juvenile Incarceration
                                                   - Essay on the Different Alternatives to Juvenile Incarceration
                                                   - Essay on Learning Disability and Juvenile Delinquency
                                                   - Essay on the Importance of Juvenile Justice System
                                                   - Essay on Important Topics in the Juvenile Justice System
                                                   - Essay on Impact of Juvenile Delinquency in the Society
                                                   - Persuasive Essay on Abolition of the Juvenile Justice System

Language Essays - Essay on the Stages of Language Development
                            - Essay on Language Development

Law Essays - Legal Case Analysis Essay 
                    - Essay on US v. Greenberg and US v. Garber
                    - Essay on Analysis on Credit Card Reform Act of 2009
                    - Essay on Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 : The International Crime Rate 
                    - Case Analysis Essay on District of Columbia v. Heller
                    - Case Analysis Essay on Lawrence v. Texas
                    - Case Analysis Essay on Lawrence v. Taylor 
                    - Case Analysis Essay on Woolworths v. Olson 
                    - Case Analysis Essay on Webster v. Doe (486 US 592)
Literature Essays - Essay on Ragtime by E. L. Doctorow - A Critical Analysis
                             - Compare and Contrast Essay on The Lesson and The Conversion of the Jews
                             - Compare and Contrast Essay on My Last Duchess and In Westminster Abbey
                             - Essay on the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave
                             - Essay on The Ballad of the Sad Cafe by Carson McCullers
                             - Essay on Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
                             - Essay on Henrik Ibsen's A Doll House
                             - Essay on Stephen King 
                             - Essay on The Children's Hour
                             - Essay on Los Vendidos 
                             - Essay on Killings by Andre Dubus
                             - Essay on Illiterate America by Jonathan Kozol 
                             - Essay on Journalism for Women: A Practical Guide by E.A. Bennett
                             - Essay on Jitney by August Wilson
                             - Essay on Someone is Stealing Your Life by Michael Ventura
                             - Essay on the Woman with a Pet Dog by Anton Chekhov
                             - Essay on the Movie Matrix
                             - Essay on Oedipus the King - Character Analysis of Oedipus the King
                             - Critical Analysis Essay on The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka
                             - Essay on Why the Future Doesn't Need Us by Billy Joy
                             - Literary Criticism Essay on The Road Not Taken
                             - Essay on The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop
                             - Essay on Making the Most of Clinical Education 
                             - Critique on Doing the Right Thing: How Ethical Are You  
                             - Essay on Analysis of Toxie 
                             - Poem Analysis Essay of If We Must Die by Claude Mckay
                             - Essay on A Rose for Emily
                             - Essay on Emily's Paralysis - A Rose for Emily 
                             - Essay on Eveline by James Joyce 
                             - Critical Analysis Essay of Eveline by James Joyce
                             - Essay on Islam in Southeast Asia by Anthony Johns 
                             - Essay on Dante's Monarchy 
                             - Essay on Jazz Anecdotes by Bill Crow 
                             - Essay on the Motivations of Iago 
                             - Essay on Performance History of Our Town by Thorton Wilder 
                             - Summary and Analysis of Killings by Andre Dubus 
                             - Critical Analysis Essay on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
                             - Critical Analysis Essay on An Age of Limits and Definitions by Charlie Stoddard
                             - Critical Analysis Essay on If I Stay by Gayle Forman
                             - Critical Analysis Essay on Where She Went by Gayle Forman
                             - Critical Analysis Essay of Night by Elie Wiesel
                              - Essay on Young Goodman Brown - The Symbolism of the Pink Ribbon
                              - Essay on the Individual in the Chains of Illusion - The topic of Nationalism

Management Essays - Essay on Incentive Plans in the United States Army 
                                 - Essay on Impact of Compensation in a Business Organization
                                 - Essay on Employee Monitoring in the Workplace
                                 - Essay on Management Strategies of Cary Fiorina
                                 - Essay on Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
                                 - Essay on the Definition of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
                                 - Essay on Change in Corporate Philosophy in Wrigley
                                 - Essay on Impact of Fatherhood and Motherhood on Work and Career 

Marketing Essays - Research Paper on Efficiency of Internet and Social Media in Selling

Mass Media Essays - Essay on Food Inc. Documentary
                                - Essay on History of Los Angeles Times
                                - Essay on Negative Impact of Television on Children  
                                - Essay on Mass Media Bias
                                - Essay on Sex and Violence on TV 
                                - Persuasive Essay on the Impact of Television 

Microbiology Essays - Essay on Food Benefits and Toxicology

Nursing Essays - Essay on Job Satisfaction among Nurses
                          - Research Paper on the Importance of Therapeutic Communication in Nursing Care

Obesity Essays - Essay on Civic Responsibility Towards Obese Individuals

Philosophy Essays - Essay on Free Will
                               - Essay on Alienation and Estrangement
                               - Essay on Nihilism
                               - Critique of Descartes' Proof of God's Existence
                               - Compare and Contrast Essay on The Leadership Style of Gandhi & Machiavelli
                               - Essay on Plato's Allegory of the Cave
                               - Tips in Writing Plato's Allegory of the Cave Essay 
                               - Essay on Comparative Philosophy of Plato, Descartes and Carl Jung
                               - Essay on Philosophy of Leadership
                               - Essay on the Concept of Dualism by Rene Descartes
                               - Essay on Man's Capacity for Knowledge
                                - Essay on Plato's Symposium

Policing Essays - Essay on Use of Force by Police - The Necessity for Use of Force Essay
                          - Essay on Racial Profiling - Prejudice in Law Enforcement
                          - Essay on Arguments Against the Three Strikes Rule
                          - Essay on Policing in the Future 
                          - Essay on Community Oriented Policing 
                          - Essay on Police Corruption
                          - Essay on Hiring and Recruitment of Police Officers
                          - Essay on the Dirty Harry Problem
                          - Essay on Noble Cause Corruption and Traditional Corruption
                          - Essay on Entrapment
                          - Essay on Professional Ethics - Proposal to Address Police Misconduct               
                          - Essay on the Police and the Society
                          - Essay on Law Enforcement Technology

Psychology Essays - Essay on Effects of Rewards and Closeness in Altruism Behavior
                                - Compare and Contrast Essay on Carl Rogers and Fritz Perls
                                - Research Paper on Defense Mechanism among Psychiatry Patients
                                - Research Paper on Depression among Lawyers
                                - Research Paper on the Absolute Ban against the Use of Cell Phones While Driving

Public Administration Essays - Essay on Non-Delegation Doctrine
                                                - Essay on the State of Tennessee
                                                - Essay on the Constitution of the State of Tennessee
                                                - Essay on Democracy and the Concept of the Rule of Majority 
                                                - Essay on Finding the Right Balance between National Security and Civil Liberty
                                                - Essay on Canadian Foreign Policy
                                                - Essay on Political Scandals
                                                        - Essay on Judicial Review and Judicial Precedent
                                               - Essay on Spreading Democracy as a Foreign Policy
                                               - Essay on Administrative Reform in the Philippines


Religion Essays - Essay on Religious Authority
                           - Essay on Life After Death in Islam Faith
Same Sex Marriage - Essay on Legalization of Same Sex Marriage

Science Essays - Essay on Black Hole

Smoking Essays - Essay on Benefits of Smoking
                           - Essay on Smoking and its Side Effects
                           - Informative Essay on Nicotine Addiction
                           - Informative Essay on Smoking 
                           - Persuasive Essay in Favor of Graphic Warning on Cigarette Boxes

Sociology Essays - Essay on Sociological Problem
                             - Essay on Deviant Behavior
                             - Research Paper on Structural Functionalism Perspective
                             - Research Paper on Symbolic Interactionism Theory                              
                             - Research  Paper on Conflict Theory
                             - Research Paper on Cultural Assimilation
                             - Essay on Culture Deviance Theory

Spanking Essays - Research Paper on the Benefits of Spanking 

Sports Essays - Essay on Football

Stem Cell Research Essay - Essay on the Ethical Dilemma on the Stem Cell Research

Strict Liability Essays - Essay on Strict Liability
Suicide Essays - Essay on Suicide

SWOT Analysis - SWOT Analysis of Wal-Mart
                             - How to Write a SWOT Analysis Essay

Three Strikes Law Essays - Essay on Arguments Against the Three Strikes Rule
                                          - Essay on Three Strikes Law 

Technology Essays - Research Paper on Computer Virus, Worms and Trojan Horse

Terrorism Essays - Essay on Iran's Position in the 2001 Terror Attack
                             - Essay on the Reasons why Muslims are Angry at the United States
                             - Essay on Saddam Hussein's Character and Personality
                             - Essay on Solutions to Terrorism
                             - Essay on Understanding the Causes of Terrorism
                             - Essay on Unite States and Terrorism
                             - Essay on Use of Violence to Achieve Peace
Truancy Essays - Essay on Truancy

War on Drugs Essays - Essay on War on Drugs Policy
                                   - Persuasive Essay on Ending the War on Drugs

Women's Rights Essay - Essay on Women's Rights to Vote - The Nineteenth Amendment Essay
                                     - Essay on Women Suffrage Movement
                                     - Essay on Success of Women's Suffrage

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