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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Essay on Human Resource Management and Organizational Effectiveness

Human Resource Management and Organizational Effectiveness
            The organization that I have chosen is the Office of Deputy Chief of Staff Army G-1.  Its primary mission is to develop, manage and execute all manpower and personnel plans, programs and policies of the entire Army.  It seeks to recruit, retrain, and sustain a high quality volunteer force through innovative and effective strategies.  Its website was consulted to determine its various HR programs and policies designed to recruit and attract competent workforce and to evaluate the effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses of its programs and policies in accordance with HR metrics.
            In its website address,, different human resource programs and policies can be found.  The first is the Deployment Cycle Support which seeks to ensure readiness of the soldier and his family during the deployment of the soldier such as treatment for illness and diseases and post traumatic stress disorder program.  The second is Health Promotion Policy which includes programs designed to measure the fitness in terms of physical, spiritual, and behavioral of the soldier.  The third is the HIV Policy and DNA Registration which seeks to provide the best assistance and treatment for HIV-infected soldiers.  Fourth, is the Housing Policy which ensures that the well-being of the soldier and his family will be protected by means of adequate shelter.  Fifth, the Leadership Policy seeks to train soldiers to be able to enhance their leadership skills and to identify soldiers who have leadership potential for future appointment and promotions. Sixth is Suicide Prevention which seeks to give counseling assistance to soldiers for the purpose of reducing the risk of suicide among the soldiers.  Seventh is the Weight Control Program Policy which seeks to give assistance to soldiers on their diet and lifestyle to ensure their fitness and readiness.  Eighth is the retirement services which gives assistance to soldiers who are preparing for their retirement.  In addition, it also seeks to protect the minority soldiers against discrimination diversity and equal opportunity policies

Analysis of Human Resource Programs and Policies
            Every organization depends for its success on its manpower (James Dertouzos & Steven Garber, 2006).  It has to have an efficient recruitment component that can attract competent and skilled personnel.  It must also have a training component that can identify those personnel that lacks the skill so as to give them the necessary skills to be able to do the job right.  It must also have the motivational component so that the organization’s current personnel will remain loyal and committed to the organization. 
            An Analysis of the HR program and policies being utilized b the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff reveals that it has a relatively comprehensive policy designed not only to attract, train but also to motivate its current personnel.  It has a strong human resource policy that can attract prospective soldiers such as diversity program and support systems in terms of deployment, health, training, housing, and well-being of the solders.  Soldiers are also given the opportunity to learn more, by virtue of its education programs, and they also given time to be with their family by virtue of its recreational programs. 
            It is however suggested to ensure the success of the organization in terms of meeting the demand and supply side of its personnel, that stringent recruitment efforts be undertaken by sending speakers in schools and colleges so that the students may learn and understand what the soldiers do, what their responsibilities are, how they help our country and how important they are for our country.  This will also give the army opportunity for people to be aware of their role. 

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