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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Research Paper on Detrimental Effects of Divorce on Social and Emotional Development of Children

A Research Paper on Detrimental Effects of Divorce on Social and Emotional Development of Children
Feb 14, 2012
A Research Paper on Detrimental Effects of Divorce on Social and Emotional Development of Children

In case of irreconcilable differences between parents which usually result to domestic violence and hostile environment at home, the children are certainly  the ones  who are severely affected. The scenario of parents fighting every day whether the fights involve physical violence or purely altercation,  affects the mental and emotional state of children.
Children who are products of a household with occurrences of domestic violence usually suffer trauma. Children are left without a choice but to deal with a difficult situation.  Domestic violence usually results to separation of parents wherein a child suffers the consequences of the actions taken by his parents. 

Children who grew with their parents separated from each other display unstable emotion.  They are oftentimes irritable, moody, and display limited patience. They lack self confidence, create and get into trouble just to seek attention. Children of broken families have a constant aim to achieve a sense of belongingness. 

 They always desire to be the center of attention because they need to feel secured. Children who grew up in broken families are deprived of emotional security.  Teenagers coming from a broken family have a difficulty handling their own personal relationship.  They are always jealous and in doubt.  They are afraid to give their love to the fullest since at the back of their minds, their relationship will one way or another, come to an end. They are cynical about love and life. 

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Another effect of divorce is on the economic status of a child.  Since divorce requires a relatively huge amount of money, financial issues come in the way.  After the marriage is dissolved, the properties are being divided between the parties leaving the child in the middle.  As soon as their parents obtain a divorce children find difficulty in seeking financial support from their parents.  Sometimes, the children are left to a parent who is more financially challenged than the other parent.  In case of children who are already in their teenage years, they have the tendency to start working at an early age to be self supporting in order to avoid financial disputes between their parents. 

Usually, divorce may have two possible effects on children, the positive and the negative effects.  A child can withstand the effects of the divorce of his parents and subsequently succeed in life by hard work and perseverance. On the other hand, divorce can leave the children lost and depressed.  Some of them become an alcoholic or a drug addict.  Just to escape from reality, children usually engage in vices to forget their domestic and family problems. 

Although divorce is a socially accepted legal remedy for spouses who decide go on separate ways, the harmful effects of divorce on children remain unsolved. Parents who decided to obtain a divorce will never realize the negative effects of divorce on their children. Usually, they will realize it when the damage has been done and their children have already been engaged in vices, like alcoholism and drug addiction and they are already out of school.
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