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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Essay on the Police and the Society

Essay on the Police and the Society

1. What factors influence the environment in which the police work? Why do they affect policing so much?
            Policing is a function that depends mainly on the situations that happen within the environment.  Unlike accountants who deal mostly with figures and doctors who treat diseases, police work deals mostly with people and the society.  As such, their work is affected by what happens within the society.  For example, with the downward trend of our economy it is to be expected for crime rate to increase.  As more people lose their jobs, or have their houses foreclosed because of their inability to pay their amortizations, more people will turn to crime as a solution to poverty.  There will more incidences of white collar crimes.  Some parents will have to get extra jobs in the evening just so they could provide food on the plate and send their children to school.  As a result, more children will grow up without the guidance of their parents.  There will also be more violence in the streets. 
            Poverty, lack of parental guidance and support, and poor regulatory measures inside the corporations are factors that can significantly affect the environment in which the police work for the reason that these situations drive people to doing some things that they would not otherwise do if they have better choices.    

2.  Describe the main obstacles to change in police organizations.
            Change should always be welcomed as part of every organization.  Some policemen retire while some may wish to join police organizations.  There is also bound to be changes in the leadership and the direction where the police organization is heading.  Instead of fighting these changes and preventing them from happening, the police should accept them as they happen.  In this regard, one of the obstacles to change in police organization is the attitude or perception of its members.  Most of the time, people see change as undesirable without having any valid reasons for their apprehensions.  Change gives them that eerie and uncomfortable feeling.  

3.  Describe a qualified police candidate.
            Two of the most important characteristics every police officer should have are kind heart and strong resolve.  He must have a kind heart in dealing with the lawless elements of the society always bearing in mind that these lawless elements can perhaps be victims.  Violence and brutality must be avoided and should not be resorted to except when the situation calls for it.  He must also have a strong resolve because there are times when he must know to control his kindness of heart.  He must know when to be strict and employ the use of force when the situation demands for it. 
            These characteristics can be tested every time the police officer makes an arrest and puts his life on the line. 

4.  Describe the Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment.
            The Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment was an experiment conducted during the early part of the 19070s which is designed to measure the impact of routine patrol on incidence of crime and the public’s fear of crime.  (George L. Kerring 1)  Three levels of routine patrol were designed.  One area received no routine patrol where officers enter these areas only in response to emergency calls or calls for assistance. Police visibility is improved in the second area while the normal level of police visibility is maintained in the third area.  The results of the experiment showed that a police visibility in patrol cars has no impact on crime.
            If I were a police administrator I will use this experiment to make it a point that my police officers do not stay inside their patrol cars or the police headquarters the whole day.  I will give specific instructions for police officers to mingle and interact with the members of the society they intend to protect.  I will make a call for a close working relationship between the society and the police.  

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