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Friday, September 30, 2011

Essay on Helping Children Cope with the Impact of Divorce

Essay on Helping Children Cope with Divorce

Some marriages end up in divorce.  It is difficult for the parents who struggle to settle their issues. It is also more difficult for the children who may not yet fully understand the reasons why their parents have to live apart. 

When this happens it is essential for the parents to help their children cope with their separation.  If the parents fail to explain properly the divorce to their children it may have adverse impact on their development. gives several suggestions on how to help children adjust to the divorce of their parents

1. The parents should both explain to their children that they will be living separately.  The parents should be honest but they should also skip the ugly details of their separation.  It is also suggested that the parents should tell their children’s teacher about the divorce so they can help observe their children and ask if there are changes in the children’s behavior.

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2.  The parents should expect that the children will have a mix of reactions.  Parents should encourage their children to share their feelings about the divorce and keep an open line of communication.

3. Make sure that the children do not see both parents fighting.  Avoid saying bad things about the other spouse or making accusations against the other in front of the children

4. Parents should avoid bending the rules during this time.  Children want consistency n the rules.  They want routine. 

5. The parents should seek expert help or counseling during this stage.  

6. Always make sure that the needs of the children are addressed.  Be conscious that the children want to see both their parents.  It is best to work out custody arrangements or visitations so the children can still see both parents during this stage.

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