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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Understanding the Stages of Language Development - Viral Video of Twins

In our earlier post on Essay on Language Development, we made mention about language development starts from simple imitation where the child imitates what the parents say to their child. Engaging the child in an interaction by conversing with them also helps in the child’s language development.

Recently, there was a video that went viral about fraternal twins who appeared to be engaging each other in a lovely conversation.  There was question and answer, laughing, stomping feet, hand gestures.  The only difference is that they were not speaking English but they appeared to understand each other simply using “da da”

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The video highlights the fact that children as early as 18 months old can imitate how language works.  According to Dr. Roberta Golinkoff, an education professor and director of the infant language project at the University of Delaware in Newark, “even before they have words, they know how conversation works.”

An expert said that there are two developmental milestones to be noted. The first is turn-taking where the twins know that they need to let the other finish before they respond.  The second is imitation of a complex pattern. 

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