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Friday, September 30, 2011

Students at Stanford Law Appeals Three Strikes Cases

Students at Stanford Law School Appeals Three Strikes Cases

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The students at Stanford Law School has come up with the Three Strikes Project.  It aims to represent the individuals who have been convicted under California’s Three Strikes Law.  They claim that the prison sentences in California for individuals who have been convicted under the Three Strikes Law are illegally harsh and wrongly calculated.  This is unusual considering that they knowingly represent individuals who are guilty of a felony and who admit that they have committed the crime.

Under this project, they have successfully overturned 14 life prison terms imposed for non-violent crimes under California’s Three Strikes Law.  California’s Three Strikes Law imposes a minimum sentence of 25 years in prison for repeat offenders who have been found guilty of a third felony

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As expected, the victim and their relatives are not happy with the representation being made by Stanford Law School.  They consider the Three Strikes Project na├»ve and misguided.  For them, the nature of the third felony is immaterial since it is the intention of the law to lock up violent offenders who have committed a third felony after they have received two prior convictions for serious or violent crimes.   

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