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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Writing a Persuasive Essay on the Impact of Television or Mass Media

Are you writing an argumentative essay on impact of television or mass media? There are quite a number of studies that have been made discussing the irreparable impact of television on the viewers.  You need to be able to consolidate these studies so can create a convincing argumentative essay. First you need to make a good thesis statement and strong arguments to back up your claim.

The following arguments on the impact of television or mass media can help support your claim. 

1. Television has an Impact on Obesity.  In the study conducted by J. Lennert Veerman entitled By How Much Would Limiting TV Food Advertising Reduce Childhood Obesity?, he found that some children might not have been obese had they not been exposed to advertising of unhealthy food.  The study concluded that from one in seven up to one in three obese children in the USA might not have been obese in the absence of advertising for unhealthy food on TV. It suggested that limiting the exposure of children to marketing of energy-dense food could be part of a broader effort to make children’s diets healthier.

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Impact of Television
2. Television has an impact on alcoholism.  In the 2009 study entitled the Impact of Alcohol Advertising and Media Exposure on Adolescent Alcohol use: A Systematic Review of Longitudinal Studies, Peter Anderson et al found that the exposure to mass media and commercial communications on alcohol is associated with the likelihood that adolescents will start to drink alcohol and with increased drinking amongst baseline drinkers.

3. Television causes Sleep Disturbances.  In the 2006 study entitled TV Exposure Associated with Sleep Disturbances in 5-6 year old children, E Juulia Paavonen found that TV viewing and particularly passive TV exposure and viewing of adult-targeted programs significantly increased the risk of sleeping difficulties of children.

There are also arguments saying that television has an impact on moral corruption, violence and crime in the society.  However, you should also mention in your persuasive essay on impact of television or mass media that the television is not the sole factor for to be blamed. 

Writing an argumentative essay on impact of television is easy if you have the a good thesis statement, solid facts to support your claim and clear and convincing arguments.  We are the leading provider of affordable essay writing services.  If you need help we can write argumentative essay on impact of television or mass media, persuasive essay on impact of television or mass media and informative essay on impact of television or mass media at very affordable costs starting at $7.50/page.


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