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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Essay on Telemarketing Scam - Protect Yourself against Telephone Swindlers

Protect Yourself against Telephone Swindlers

            Are you looking for ideas on your essay on white collar crime? Writing an impressive essay on the different white collar crime can be really difficult if you do not keep track of the news about these crimes.  If you want to impress your professor, you need to include in your essay on white collar crime about the recent activities of telephone swindlers.

            Recently, the Federal Trade Commission issued a warning that telephone swindlers who are operating from Costa Rica have scammed victims out of more than $20 million. According to Lois S. Greisman, who is a scam expert with the Federal Trade Commission, telemarketing scams had become more profitable very recently that there has been a sudden increase in the number of Americans being victimized by telephone swindlers.  She added that the perpetrators of these types of fraud had made millions of dollars.

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            The modus operandi of these telephone swindlers is that they call unsuspecting Americans, mostly senior citizens, telling them that they are from federal government agencies and that they inform their would-be victims that they had won sweepstakes.  But they ask money from them telling them that they need to pay for taxes and fees up front.

            What makes these telephone swindlers believable is that they use sophisticated internet telephone technology to disguise their locations.  In some cases, they leave phone numbers with the Washington area code 202 and let their victims call back.

Protect Yourself against Telephone Swindlers

1. When you receive a call promising any money for you but requiring any upfront payment for insurance or delivery fees the first thing you should do is to hang up.

2. Since no one from the FTC or the FBI or the government agency will call you informing you that you have won in sweepstakes call and report this to the Federal Trade Commission.  

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