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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Informative Essay on Green Buildings

Green Buildings/Eco-friendly buildings
Do you need to submit an essay on green building? Green buildings are buildings that are environment-friendly. These buildings are made in view of the concept known as Green Architecture or Green Design which is the philosophy in architecture or design in which buildings are made more effective and cost efficient at protecting and environment for purpose of reducing the environmental pollutants.  It believes that the environment may be protected more if it is taken into account from the moment houses and buildings are designed rather than taking efforts to protect it after the houses and building have been constructed.

Benefits of Green Buildings

1. Green architecture benefits not only the environment but even the building owner. 

2. Indirect benefits of green buildings include better health of the residents in view of the access and circulation of natural air and the use of natural light. 

3. Green buildings protect the natural resources and mitigates the climate change which has become a phenomenon all over the world. 

4. Green buildings help conserve natural resources such as water. 

Examples of Most Environment-Friendly Buildings

1. HoweDell Primary School, Hatfield, United Kingdom

2. Dalby Forest Visitor Centre, North Yorkshire

3. RSPB environment and education centre, Purfleet, Thames Gateway

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