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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Critique of "Doing the right thing: how ethical are you?"

This article speaks about the ethical dilemmas that can be encountered in radiologic sciences profession.  According to the author, certain rules have to be observed in this profession.  It is important for technologists to be familiar with these rules so that in case a similar situation happens the technologists will know how to respond.  The first scenario involved a decision between facing termination for not observing the instruction of the supervisor or possibility of the patient being pregnant.  Peter Shams-Avari stressed that the foremost duty of the technologist is towards the patient and not towards his supervisor.  The author also advised that termination is not to be feared so long as the technologist acts in accordance with the rules of ethics.  The second scenario is the alteration of a report which is also a serious violation of the code of ethics of radiologic sciences profession.  The third scenario discusses about the prohibition of aiding, assisting, or allowing a person who is not a licensed technologist to engage in the practice of radiologic technology.  This is based on the principle a person cannot practice this profession unless he has been given a state license or permit. 

Every profession has a set of rules and principles which enjoins strict observance from everybody belonging to the same profession.  Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Accountants and other profession have a set of rules and ethical principles.  The principle is that the practice of this profession is not a matter of right.  It is a privilege that is given only to those who have the excellent skill and exemplary character to comply with the strict ethical rules.  Its purpose is to ensure the protection of the public who may be prejudiced by the failure of those in the radiologist profession to observe that highest ethical standards.  By upholding these ethical principles not only is the public benefited but even the technologists themselves since the respect of the public to the radiologist profession is maintained.

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