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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Facts about Cybercrime

Are you looking for Facts about Cybercrimes? Recent studies say that the cost of global cybercrimes has reached $114 billion annually.  Millions of people have been victimized by criminals and millions more will fall victims

Despite these staggering statistics on the amount stolen from people and the overwhelming number of people who have been victimized it is very surprising that not many people are aware of the dangers of cybercrimes.  

In support of the argument that not many people are aware of the dangers of cybercrimes students can argue that surveys support the idea that many people do not believe that they can be victimized by cybercrimes.  According to Adam Palmer of Norton Lead Cybersecurity Advisor, studies have shown that “three times as many adults surveyed have suffered from online crime versus offline crime, yet less than a third of respondents think they are more likely to become a victim of cybercrime than physical world crime in the next year."

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