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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy (DADT) Policy Repealed But Discrimination Still Exists

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In 1993, a law was passed that banned gays and lesbians from openly serving the in the United States military.  This has become known today as the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy which prohibits military personnel from discriminating against, harassing or intimidating gay or lesbian members of the military.  The law also bars gays and lesbians from demonstrating or engaging in homosexual acts

The reason behind this prohibition was that the presence of gays and lesbians would affect the morale of the soldiers and their discipline.  It was believed that open gays and lesbians in the military service will undermine the cohesion of the military unit.

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In September 2011, however, the said law was repealed.  Though there are those who criticize the repeal of DADT, the military has said that they have been training and educating the military personnel for the eventual change. 

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said that the repeal of DADT was a historic day for the United States. 

However, there are still a lot of things to be done since the Federal Defense of Marriage Act still does not recognize same-sex partnership.  As such, partners of gay and lesbian service members are still not entitled to the same benefits as the other spouses of military service members.

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