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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to Protect Oneself From Skimming at Restaurants

There are many ways to commit credit card fraud. One of the most common ways is by skimming. Skimming happens when a person uses special devices to store another person’s credit or debit card numbers. This happens when a card’s magnetic stripe details, including the account number and PIN, is electronically copied by a small handheld device known as a skimmer. The credit card number which is stored can now be used for online purchases.

1. Use Cash as much as possible. Avoid using credit cards when you dine in restaurants that you do not trust. Though it may be inconvenient for some securing your money and preventing yourself from being victimized is worth it.

2. Keep your receipt and check your statements every often. Keep track of all your expenses so you know when you have been scammed

3. Use your credit card instead of debit card. When you file a complaint and an investigation has been conducted the federal investigators may hold on to your bank account preventing you from using your money.

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