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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saudi King Revokes Flogging Sentence for Woman Driver

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Saudi Arabia is a country in Middle East known for its conservative laws.  An example of its conservative law is the rule that prohibit women from driving a car.  Women who are caught violating this rule can be sentenced to flogging.

 Recently, however, Saudi King Abdullah revoked a flogging sentence for women who violated its strict law against women driving cars.  Apparently, Saudi King Abdullah is implementing sweeping changes in the legal system in Saudi in an effort to remove the system of subordination of women in Saudi. 

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He also announced other changes that can be considered as “historic” for Saudi Arabia which are that women will now be allowed to serve as members of the Shura Council and that they can run as candidates and nominates in the next set of municipal elections. 

Though it is not yet clear when the changes will actually take place it is clear that these changes are one step towards women’s equality in Saudi Arabia.

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