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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tobacco Company Sues after FDA Requires Graphic Health Warnings and Images on Cigarette Packs

            Are you looking for essay on the impact of graphic warnings placed on cigarette packs? Do you like to know whether the government can require cigarette companies to place graphic warnings on their cigarette packs?

            Recently, the Food and Drugs Administration required all cigarette manufacturers to place images such as male corpse with a stitched up chest and a man smoking through a hole in his throat with texts such as “Warning: smoking can kill you” or “Warning: cigarettes are addictive.”

            The tobacco companies filed a suit in court seeking to enjoin the implementation of the requirement. According to Noel J. Francisco, the government cannot make businesses act as an “unwilling mouthpiece” for its advocacy campaign.

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            The FDA said that the images and texts are mere health warnings which are legally permissible under the law.  It added that the warning is factual and noncontroversial. 

            Judge Leon said that he will render a decision on this issue on November. We will update you as soon as Judge Leon has issued a decision. 

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