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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Essay on Hurricanes

Hurricane by its definition is an intense tropical weather system of strong thunderstorms with a well-defined surface circulation and maximum sustained winds of 74 mph (64 kt) or higher. It is categorized by the strength of its wind with a Category 1 as the lowest wind speed and Category 5 as the strongest wind speed. Hurricanes may be accompanied by dangerous tornadoes and its excessive rainfall and winds also produces abnormal rising of sea levels causing it to flood in many areas affected by the hurricane.

A hurricane has a distinct peaceful center called the eye that is often seen on satellite images. The eye stretches from 10 to 30 miles wide and often contains calm winds, warm temperatures and clear skies. Around this tropical bliss is a frenzy of winds gusting at speeds up to 186 miles per hour (Bold 178). If one percent of the energy in one hurricane could be captured, all the power, fuel, and heating requirements of the United States could be met for an entire year. It takes 500 trillion horsepower to whirl the great core of winds at such tremendous speeds. It is the equivalent of exploding an atomic bomb every 10 seconds (Lockhart, 1988). As long as the hurricane remains over waters of 79F or warmer, it continues to pull moisture from the surface and grow in size and force. When a hurricane crosses land or cooler waters, it loses its source of power and its wind gradually slow until they are no longer of hurricane force--less than 74 miles per hour.

During the time of summer and early autumn, hurricanes are still present, so scientists constantly monitor them with satellites and sometimes even fly airplane surveillance to keep track of tropical storms that might develop into hurricanes.

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Early Wednesday morning, news arises about a coming Hurricane in North Carolina name Hurricane Irene. TV advisories and hurricane preparedness were imposed in many TV channels. However, many people were not in a much disaster preparedness mood at that time. They are still enjoying the beautiful summer weather in the beach and near the coastal area. Some who have experience hurricane have taken the advisories seriously. They encourage people to take the preparation and treat the hurricane with respect. The US officials have urged the people to stock up food, water, emergency kits and first aid supplies and be aware of the coming Hurricane as it hits the Island of Bahamas on Wednesday. The Hurricane Irene is expected to reach North Carolina on Saturday and according to the National Hurricane center it could get stronger a day or two. Surfers have been watching the news report and the update of the Hurricane Irene. Cancellation of surfing class and other class was imposed to the other school that opened earlier in preparation for the coming Hurricane.

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