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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Essay on "Making the Most of Clinical Education"

This article stresses the importance of clinical education in the lives of the students.  It serves as a place where the students can apply into practice the theories they have learned while inside the classroom.  David Campbell emphasized that the students’ success as a radiologists will be determined by their ability to respond to the challenges they face during clinical education.  This aspect of student life is therefore very important.  He emphasized the importance of commitment, cooperation and communication to the success of the clinical education.  The first is commitment which is the determination of the student to finish what he or she has started.  As students nowadays are more exposed to peer pressure and other external influences that may affect their education, it is only the students’ commitment to finish their education that can help them finish their education.  The second is cooperation which is necessary for the creation of a harmonious relationship between students and the technologists.  Students must understand that the technologists are not their teachers and so they cannot expect the same level of interaction with their professors.  Students must also learn to cooperate with their technologists so as to facilitate learning.  The third is communication.  The technologists may not be able to assess the students as to what they know and what they do not know unless the students communicate with the technologists and asks questions about the areas of confusion. 

Clinical education should be the most exciting part of a student-radiologist’s life.  It is here where the student can assess himself in relation to his desired profession.  This is where the student gains insight on the physical, mental and emotional demands on the job which has serious repercussion for his future.   In case the student enjoys the clinical education he may look forward to the time when he is given the license to practice the profession.  If he finds the clinical education difficult to adjust to then this is also the right time for him to make the important decision of whether he will pursue the education or shift to another profession.  The most important thing however is for the students to learn that there are challenges and responsibilities in every profession which the students must find a way to overcome. 

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