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Friday, September 30, 2011

Essay on Alcohol's Long-Term Impact on the Brain

Alcohol Affects Your Balance
Essay on Alcohol's Long Term Impact on the Brain

Are you looking for an essay on alcohol’s impact on the brain? Do you need a persuasive essay on alcoholism and impact on the brain? Do you need evidence that alcohol’s impact on the brain may last for years?

In our earlier post, we mentioned about the effects of alcohol on a person’s mental ability which may linger for years after the individual has stopped drinking.  This post verifies that alcohol’s impact on a person’s ability to balance may continue even after years that the individual hasIndividuals who walk in a wobbly manner and moves clumsily could have been heavy drinkers in the past, said the researchers at the Neurobehavioral Research Inc.

The researchers compared the balance abilities and gaits of diagnose alcoholics who had been sober for several weeks, those who had been sober for an average of seven years and whose with no history of alcohol dependence.  The test consisted in the participants being asked to perform a series of balance tests such as standing heel-to-toe with their arms folded across the chest for sixty seconds, standing on one leg, or walking along a line. 

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The study found that there are activities where recently sober participants performed the worse while there are activities where long-sober participants performed the worst compared to the individuals who had never been alcoholics.

Based on this study, we can learn that individuals who had history of alcoholism suffer temporary ataxia or the lack of muscle coordination to the damage to the cerebellum in the brain.  While there are treatments for alcoholism, there is a point where the damage is just there and that the brain can no longer recover from it. 

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