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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Essay on Underage Drinking

Are you looking for essay on underage drinking? Do you want to find out the reasons why teenagers drink?

Underage drinking is a serious problem not only because it can be harmful to health but also because it can lead to other problems like violence, sexual activities or fatalities.  Despite the dangers of drinking teens still find a way to get few drinks of alcohol.

Reasons why Teenagers Drink

Because of their immaturity teenagers are the ones who are most vulnerable to the temptations of alcohol.  They are more likely to experiment with alcohol without realizing that it has consequences.  Below are the risk factors or the reasons why teenagers may find themselves drinking alcohol.

  • The teenager has problems at home which may involve abuse or conflict between his parents.  In this situation, the teenager may find solace in drinking alcohol as his way of coping with his problem.
  • The teenager is undergoing a transitional stage in his life.  It is possible that he is changing school or transferring from one place of residence to another.
  • The teenager could be under stress because of personal problems with his or her special someone.
  • The teenager could have a history of mental health problem or behavioural problem which needs to be addressed by experts.
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These are just some of the causes of underage drinking.  In some cases, the teenager simply wants to drink because he is pressured by his facts.  Regardless of the reason, underage drinking is a serious problem which should be addressed because it may lead to a number of undesirable consequences.

  • Teenagers who drink and engage in other activities are more likely to suffer from alcohol-related accidents.  These teenagers may suffer accidents while driving, drown while swimming, commit suicide when they are depressed or become victims of violent crime like rape or murder.
  • Teenagers who drink become sexually active.  They are also more likely to have sex compared to the teenagers who do not drink.  Research also say that teenagers who drink are more likely to engage in unprotected sex compared to the teenagers who do not drink.
  • Teenagers who drink are more likely to suffer from school problems.  They have the tendency to skip classes or be absent from school and have failing grades compared to the teenagers who do not drink.
  • Teenagers who drink early are more likely to suffer from alcoholism.  Because of their immaturity and lack of ability to control their drinking teenagers are more likely to be dependent on alcohol.

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