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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Arc of Justice by Kevin Boyle Reaction Paper

Arc of Justice by Kevin Boyle Reaction Paper

To say that Ossian Sweet was an extraordinary man who lived an extraordinary life would be an understatement. He was a man who lived during an era when the color of your skin meant everything and could dictate the job you get, your education and the way people treated you. Sweet lived at a time when slaves were just gaining their freedom (Smith, 2012). He came from a family who was poor and had to work his way to get an education. In college he had to shovel snow and do other menial jobs to pay for tuition. 

Aside from the disadvantaged life he also had to contend with his skin color. During that time being black meant you were not allowed to do certain things and go to certain places. Racism was rife and even inter racial marriages were illegal. Lynching black people was so rampant that thousands died during that era. 

So for Sweet to overcome all of these and become a successful doctor was a feat in itself. Not only was he a professionally successful he was also quite rich. His affluence allowed him to afford a chauffeured car and to buy expensive clothes. He was even able to marry a nice young educated woman who was of mixed ancestry. He faced one of the biggest challenges of his life when he bought a house in white neighborhood. The whites were not at all pleased and began to bully him by rioting in his front door. The led to shots being fired and someone dying, this led to what was known as the Sweet Trials (Aaron, 2008). He and his companions were charge with the death of a white man. During that time that was like signing a death warrant. Especially with an all white jury, however, something revolutionary happened. Sweet was not convicted and he was set free. His life after was not as rosy. His wife died of tuberculosis contracted while in jail. Sweet would eventually live an uneventful life after the trials but the incident would eventually be a precedent of the things to come.

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