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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Persuasive Essay on Sexual Abstinence and Birth Control

Persuasive Essay on Sexual Abstinence and Birth Control

The population of the United States is now at 312 million (CIA, 2012). This ranks among the top five in the world. This however is no seen by the United States government as a problem. That however is not to say that it does not teach sex education in schools. In countries that are consciously fighting population explosion, sex education is a mandatory requirement in schools. In the United States though sex education is in place for a different purpose, it is in place to fight the rise in unwanted teenage pregnancies and was spurred on by the rise in the cases of STD and AIDS in the United States. 

Currently there is a trend towards the decline in the cases of teen pregnancy in the United States over the last decade. This is testament to the efficacy of the policies in sex education. Currently the leading method used is what is known as abstinence only sex education. This promotes abstinence and is against pre marital sex. The other less implemented method is known as abstinence plus or abstinence sex education and for those who cannot then birth control is taught. Abstinence only sex education is funded by the United States government to encourage implementation, while abstinence plus is discretionary and the funding is left to the school districts. 

The debate on which is better has been raging for so long. Many have said that abstinence only sex education leaves teens ignorant while others say that teaching teen’s birth control is encouraging them to experiment (Huber, 2009). Whether this is true or not is something that has yet to be proven. In reality children learn about sex from watching television and other medium. While it might be morally correct to teach them abstinence it is not sound for them not to be ready when temptation comes around. It may not sit well with the traditionalists but we are living in a different era and media is making it harder for children to embrace abstinence. We cannot stop what is happening now but we can at least make sure our children are safe.

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