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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Persuasive Essay on Televison and its Effects on Children's Brains

Persuasive Essay on Television and its Effects on Children’s Brains

The television is the product of the efforts of several brilliant scientist and inventors. It can be traced back to Germany when a man named Paul Nipkow first set out to invent a device that could convert images into electrical impulses. Along the way the idea was picked up and improved on and eventually became what we know now as television. This device along with the telephone ushered the widespread use of technology in homes worldwide. It became an instant hit and caught on with almost everyone and now there is almost one or two in every household. The television revolutionized media and this was because it was free to air and the most of the channels broadcasted free (Abramson, 2003). This allowed them to connect to every home within a reasonable distance. 

Despite being a source of information and entertainment researchers are now crying foul because according to them the television can be blamed for a host of mental and neural defects in small children. There are those like Gupta and Cohen (2011) who alleged that children who watched cartoons most of the time scored lower in cognitive tests. Cognitive tests are those that measure learning. The problem that was seen was not the television per se but the content that was watched. Since the television tries to cater to as wide a market as it can, there is no viable way for it to be able to cater just young children and create what is known as age appropriate programming. The lack of age appropriate programming leads to young children watching cartoons or shows that are meant for more mature audience. Since the themes are not suited to them the children sometimes misinterpret them and also lead to their brains creating the wrong neural pathways. This leads to them growing up with mental deficiencies. This leads to what is known as teaching the brain to learn the wrong way. It might be ironic but it is already being proven in many studies. The television is a wonderful device but it should not be a replacement for the care children should be getting from adults.

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