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Friday, September 23, 2011

Single-Sex Schools are Not Necessarily Better than Co-Ed Schools

Co-ed Schools
            Are you looking for essay on the difference between single-sex schools and co-ed schools? Are you looking for evidence that single-sex schools can have adverse consequences on the child’s development?

            A recent study shows that separating the two sexes, boys and girls, may not be the best way for either gender to learn and grow.

            In the past, it was believed that the brains of boys and girls are wired differently.  Educating the boys and girls different require different teaching styles.  As such, it is suggested that it is best for the learning and intellectual development of children to be separated.  

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            Recent studies, however, did not find any evidence that boys and girls have different learning styles.  In fact, the report states that students who attend single-sex schools are not better educated than those who attend co-ed schools but are more likely to accept gender stereotypes.  According to Lynn Liben, a professor of psychology, it is more likely for children in single-sex schools to have limited occupational aspirations.

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