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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Essay on Bilingual Education

Are you looking for an essay on bilingual education? There is recent news that highlights the importance of being able to speak more than one language.  

A new study says that babies who grow in bilingual environment have greater brain power, said Dr. Jaymee Welsh, a pediatrician.  Bilingual babies increase their bilingual powers before they even learn to talk.  She explained that babies who are exposed to different languages early can understand better and can organize their thoughts better than babies who are exposed to a single language.

Because of these studies, many American parents have realized the importance of exposing their children to language other than English.  According to the United States Census, just 11% of Americans lived in homes where language other than English was spoken. In 2007, the percentage had almost doubled. 

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Even immigrants who once taught their children to abandon their mother tongue in favor of English language in order for them to be able to assimilate better have started to encourage their children to learn both languages.

For these parents, the benefits are clear.  It preserves cultural ties and helps open up better career opportunities for their children.  

Scientific research adds to these benefits saying that bilingualism is good for everybody since it makes the brain more flexible and malleable.

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