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Friday, September 23, 2011

Experts Warn against Unregulated Stem Cell Treatment Abroad

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            Recently, in the news release entitled “Experts caution against stem cell treatments abroad”, it was stated more individuals are undergoing Stem Cell Treatment in countries like Germany, Panama and Thailand to find solution to various orthopedic injuries, heart diseases, neurological conditions and even autism.  

            Consider the case of Peyton Manning, an Indianapolis Colts quarterback, who went to Europe to get stem cell treatment.

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            Scientists and experts believe that there is great potential for stem cell treatment in terms of healing diseases, injuries and ailments.  However, the stem cell treatment is not approved in the United States which forces individuals to go abroad to have this treatment.

            Individuals seeking stem cell treatment should take extra precaution and inquire about the risks involved.  There are two problems that experts say the patients should take due consideration

1. The doctors who conducted the stem cell treatment do not have the opportunity to examine the patients again.  Since the stem cell treatment is still at its infancy stage complications can arise. It is necessary for the patients to be able to consult the doctors.  It is however difficult to do if the doctors are in Thailand and the patient is in the United States. 

2. Since the stem cell treatment is still unregulated and there is still no standard the treatments patients receive may be different every time they get the treatment.

3.  If it is unregulated then patients also need to be worried about the quality of the treatment they are getting.

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