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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Informative Essay on Smoking

Smoking essay is one of the most common topics in high school or in college.  Professors ask their students to take a stand on the issue of smoking.  Of course, majority of the students will discuss the harmful effects of smoking. 

Facts about smoking:

  • A single cigarette stick contains more than 4000 of harmful chemicals, each having toxic effects to your body.
  • A cigarette stick contains an overwhelming amount of carcinogens – biochemical agents that causes cancer cells.
  • The most dangerous of these chemicals are nicotine (a major component), lead, cyanide, carbon monoxide and many others, which primarily cause disruptions in the proper functioning of the lungs and cause deficiencies to the rest of the respiratory system.
  • Smoking is also much accounted for coronary artery diseases or those affecting the large and major arteries in the body, and cardiovascular issues of the heart.

These statements however are common knowledge and your professors will not be impressed by stating that smoking is harmful to your health.  Students who seek to write a convincing argumentative essay on smoking need to cite current research about the harmful effects of smoking.

Arguments against Smoking:

1. Smoking has an impact on bone health.  In a 2007 study conducted by Peter Wong et al entitled The effects of smoking on bone health, they found that smokers have a higher risk of suffering from bone loss.  The study also found that aside from having weakness on the bone, smoking also increases the risk of falls.  Based on the data, compared with non-smokers, smokers are weaker, have poorer balance and impaired neuromuscular performance.

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2. Smoking causes fire.  In a 2010 study by Sara Markowitz entitled Where There is Smoking, There’s Fire: The Effects of Smoking Policies on the Incidence of Fires in the United States, she found that there is evidence that changes in cigarette policies over time are associated with the changes in the incidence of fire.  This means that the smoking policies have an impact on the increase or decrease of occurrence of fire in he community.

3. Smoking induces asthma.  In a (2007) study conducted by Pietinalho entitled Linkage between Smoking and Asthma, it was found that exposure to tobacco smoke causes several health hazards including higher risk for asthma and the effects are the greatest when exposure occurs during pregnancy and in early childhood. Small children are the most vulnerable to the harmful effects of environmental tobacco smoke, and they are exposed to tobacco smoke in the home, where mother, father or others smoke. Even adult population has a higher risk for asthma because of passive and active smoking

4. Prenatal smoking has impact on the child’s brain development.  In a 2010 study conducted by Ekblad et al entitled  Prenatal Smoking Exposure and the Risk of Psychiatric Morbidity into Young Adulthood, they found that prenatal smoking is associated with an increased risk of psychiatric morbidity and exposure to more than 10 cigarettes a day increases the risk of mortality in childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood.
To make your essay comprehensive you need to include the reasons why despite its dangers and risks individuals are addicted to smoking.

Benefits of Smoking

1. Smoking helps relieve stress.

2. Cigarette smoking is an alternative medication against depression and anxiety because it has chemicals that mildly and temporarily block the feeling of depression and anxiety.

It is not enough that you state the dangers of smoking.  You should discuss the recent studies connecting cigarette smoking to various illnesses to make your persuasive essay on smoking more credible and trustworthy.  You should also discuss the reasons why men continue to smoke cigarettes despite its dangers.  We are the leading provider of affordable essay writing services in the United States and the United Kingdom.  If you need help we can prepare smoking essays, persuasive essay on smoking, argumentative essay on smoking at very affordable costs starting at $7.50/page.


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