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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Essay on Illegal Immigration

Since time immemorial, people have traveled from one place to another.  In search for the so-called land of milk and honey people have attempted transfer their residence to other parts of the world.  When a person or groups of persons transfer their place of residence from one country to another, it is called immigration.      Immigration refers to the act of moving or settling in another place and country either temporarily or permanently.  Immigration can be done legally or illegally.  It is legal if the immigration is done pursuant to the laws of the country where one is transferring.   Immigration becomes illegal when immigrants enter the territory of a particular without authorization coming from the said country or having entered the territory of a particular country with authorization they either overstay their visa or violate the terms and conditions of their visa. 

In the case of the United States, illegal immigration has become a serious concern.  Though it has helped boost US economy, it has however affected our quality of life, criminal justice system and our national security. (Iver Deepa 1) It is time for our country take a firm stance on this issue.  With the concerns of terrorist attacks and the rising crime rate, we must take definite course of action on our policy on migration. 

Title 8 Section 1325 of the U.S. Code prohibits the “Improper Entry” of aliens.  Under the said US Code, "Improper Entry by Alien," any citizen of any country other than the United States who: a) Enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers; or b) Eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers; or c) Attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact.  Under federal laws, aliens found to have violated US Immigration laws shall be removed from the country either through a formal process or on a voluntary basis.  (“Immigration Policy in the United States, viii) 

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Statistics shows that there are 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants working in the United States.  (“The Benefits of Illegal Immigration”p.1) This means that illegal immigrants represent 4 to 7% of the entire US population.  Studies also show that 50% of these illegal immigrants staying in the United States are Mexican-born people.  It is also noteworthy that in 2004 illegal immigration accelerated under the Bush Administration.  With these staggering statistics, immigration reform has become one of the most important issues confronting the United States.  With the rise of number of illegal immigrants in the United States, questions have been raised about the effects of illegal migration on United States economy, the criminal justice system and the potential national security threats posed by the unauthorized entry into the country.  (“Is Immigration a Problem Or Opportunity for U.S.?” 1)

It is because of this reason that in October 2006, President George W. Bush made one giant step towards immigration reform.  In an effort to make the United States borders more secure, President George Bush signed the Secure Fence Act of 2006.  Among others, the bill authorized the construction of a fence along 700 miles of the US-Mexico Border.  It also authorized more vehicle barriers, checkpoints, and lighting to prevent people from entering the United States illegally. 

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