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Friday, September 23, 2011

Reasons Why Muslims are Angry at the United States


Are you looking for an essay on terrorism? Do you want to know the reasons why terrorists attack the United States?

A good topic in an essay on terrorism is the topic on the hatred/anger of the Muslims in the United States.  It is common knowledge that one of the reasons for the terrorist attack in the United States is the anger among Muslims. Yes – there is a widespread anger at America in the Muslim word.

In the news article entitled “Why Muslims are Still Mad at America”, Steven Kull explained the reasons why Muslims are angry at the United States which we summarize for the students who have no time to read the lengthy news article. 

Important points in the news article “Why Muslims are Mad at the United States”

1. Muslims do not support terrorist attacks in the United States.  While Muslims are angry at the United States it does not mean that they support the Al Qaeda.  In fact they believe that their actions are morally wrong which makes the Al Qaeda unpopular.

2. Muslims perceive that the United States seek to undermine Islamic culture.  Instead of taking efforts to prove that this perception is wrong, United States engages in actions that support and reinforce this perception.  For example, after the 9/11 attack, the United States continued with its foreign policies on occupying Muslim countries.  It went to Afghanistan, Iraq and expanded its forces based in the Gulf.  

3. Historically, since the time of the Middle Ages, Christians in the West have sought to break down the grip of Islam on the Muslims.  Islam, however, survived because they held on their religion. 

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4. From the point of view of Muslims, it has been the goal of the United States to influence the evolution of societies in accordance with the development of the United States.  This means the slow banishment of religion from the public sphere paving the way for pluralism and diversity of beliefs in the private sphere while maintaining a secular public sphere.  For Muslims, however, Islam is not only a religion but a way of life.  They cling to Sharia as the basis of their law and not the will of the people.  

5. For Muslims, the United States classifies Muslim societies into two.  The first are those which are progressive liberal and secular. The second are those who are regressive Islamist seeking to retain the backward Islamic traditions. The United States supports the former but abhors the latter.  The United States support for the former is only perceived by the Muslim societies as the way for the United States to undermine the influence of Islam in the Muslim way of life.

6. The United States wants to promote the ideals of democracy which is the will of the people and freedom of religion which is respect for everyone’s religion.  In other words, they want liberalism.  Muslims, however, just want to be left alone.  They want to preserve the Islamic foundations of their society.  They want Islamic principles to govern their public life. They want the Sharia to play a role in their justice system.  Integrating these views is a serious challenge.

7. Muslim perception of the United States will change and relationship between the United States and Muslim countries will improve only once the United States has learned to accept that the Muslim countries had chosen a path that is different from the path the Western countries had chosen.  Muslim countries just want to be left alone.  They do not aspire to democratic principles the United States is promoting or the Freedom of Religion that it seeks to spread.  The United States should understand that when the Muslim countries feel tat their religion is being threatened hostility may start.

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