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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Essay on Smoking and its Side Effects

Smoking can be both a blessing and a curse. There are many effects that smoking can lead to and some may prove beneficial to some and for some a big problem. One of the contributing factors in the economy of the United States is the tobacco industry. For years cigarette companies have been generating income and thus more tax for the government. However we must put in mind if smoking is a solution or a threat.

Yes there are many benefits that you can gain from smoking but knowing these benefits will also help you to quit. The first and most craved effect of smoking is its ability to relieve stress. Many smokers cling to smoking cigarettes for it effect of dealing with anxiety, depression and the its best effect of relieving stress. Knowing this will help for there are other ways in which you can relieve stress and cope with anxiety without having to smoke. Taking deep breaths and purchasing a stress ball are alternative ways in which you can relieve your stress rather than smoking. Lighting a scented candle that has lavender scent will also help relieve your stress due to its soothing fragrance and also listening to your favorite music will also help and better yet take some time off your work and go some place relaxing.

Smoking cigarette rich in nicotine is an alternative depression and anxiety medication. Nicotine has a chemical that mildly and temporarily blocks the feeling of depression and anxiety. After inhaling smoke from your cigarette, the chemical react with your brain within seconds and makes your brain feels better.  It’s a fact that 35% of smokers have anxiety or depression problems and for them cigarette smoking is a self medication for such problems. There are also alternative ways I which you can relieve yourself from depression and anxiety without having to smoke. You can try expressing yourself in other ways like participating in painting class, creative workshops like drama class and other forms will sure to help you not to dwell on the depressing thought but freshens your mind.

Smoking might be relieving to some but actually the negative effect is much higher.  There are many ways that you can do to stop yourself from smoking you just have to know your reasons and the motivation to quit. We must bear in mind that smoking is not a relief from stress, anxiety or depression but a slow ticket to death.

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