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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stem Cell Treatment on Animals - It Works!

Are you looking for arguments in favor of Stem Cell Research? We all know that the issue of Stem Cell Research is a very contentious one.  In view of the ethical and moral issues involved the HR 810 or the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2006 which authorized the Secretary of State to conduct and support research that utilizes human embryonic cells was vetoed by then president. 

There are those who believe that stem cell research will benefit the human race.  If you are looking for persuasive arguments to convince your professor that stem cell research is the future of human medicine, you can emphasize that recently stem cell treatment is being used for animals – with much success.

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In Orlando, Florida, Val-V-Vet is offering stem cell treatments for animals who are afflicted with certain sickness or diseases.  Consider the case of “Amey” a Shih Tzu which had severe arthritis on her hind legs.  “Amey” was in constant pain because of its sickness.  After being treated with stem cells, however, “Amey” was able to run around again.

The stem cell treatment costs a hefty sum of $1,800.  It is done by extracting, processing, and stimulating the cells from the animal.  When the cells are ready they are injected into the blood at the joints that are causing problems. 

The benefits promised by stem cell treatment are very tempting.  They say that in the future it is possible that there may no longer be any need to look for donors to replace any human organ because with the use of stem cell treatment the patient himself can grow the human organ that he needs.  

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