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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reasons why Smokers Continue to Smoke Despite its Dangers

In school students are taught about the dangers of smoking. Students are indoctrinated about the dangers of nicotine addiction and that smokers can acquire lung cancer or die from any other lung diseases. Students are also taught to stay away from cigarette smoking. Needless to say, cigarette smoking is very dangerous and in fact more dangerous than drugs or alcohol.

However, despite the risks individuals tend to ignore these warnings and continue with their bad habits. This is not because these individuals are intentionally committing suicide or they seek to deliberately harm themselves. This is because cigarette smoking benefits them in many ways that they cannot get rid of this habit. One of the immediate benefits of cigarette smoking is that it helps relieves tension and stress. It helps calm the nerves and relax the muscle of the individual. Aside from these benefits, studies have shown that smoking can also be beneficial to one’s health. Among the other benefits of smoking is that smokers do not have the tendency to become obese since it is an appetite suppressant.

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Recent studies show that it can help reduce the occurrence of some conditions like endometrial cancer, ulcerative colitis, breast cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, atopic disorders such as allergic asthma. In a study conducted by Evan L. Thacker and his colleagues from Harvard School of Public Health they have found that it is possible that there are neuprotective chemicals present in tobacoo leaves. The study found that former smokers who engaged in cigarette smoking for long period of time have lower risk of Parkinson’s disease. They also estimated that “A 30 percent to 60 percent decreased risk of Parkinson's disease was apparent for smoking as early as 15 to 24 years before symptom onset, but not for smoking 25 or more years before onset” (Megan Rauscher, 2007).

Other studies say that cigarette smoking has an impact in reducing the risk of skin cancer. According to the study conducted by Dr. James Goedert it is possible that smoking interferes with the cascade of molecular events that create inflammatory responses which lead to cancer. This does not mean that individuals who are not smokers should start smoking. This also does not say that individuals who are attempting to quit smoking should continue smoking. This only says that with controlled use smoking can have medical benefits to smokers.

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