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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Essay on Business Ethics

One of the most common concerns in the workplace is the issue of the employees being mistreated by their employees.  Employees often complain about being used for the sole purpose of promoting the employers’ business.  Many of them feel that they have lost their individuality as they ceaselessly perform the rituals of their monotonous tasks at work.  I empathize with the employees who have expressed this sentiment. 

In my line work, I do basically the same thing everyday.  I come to work at almost the same time everyday and leave office at almost the same time.  I perform similar tasks basically everyday which for me has become very toilsome.  On top of these dragging tasks are the company’s policies which I feel violate by basic rights as a human being.  These policies should be observed otherwise, serious consequences may result. 

Our company records every phone conversation an employee makes.  In justifying the use of recording device at work, the company argued that it is necessary to improve the level of customer service we employees give to the customers.  For them, having a phone conversation recorded between an employee and a customer forces the employee to be polite and give his best performance. 

Our company also employs various technologies to know what their employees are doing.  For this reason, our company has CCTV cameras inside our office.  These CCTV cameras see to find out whether the employees are devoting their work hours for the benefit of the employees.  They also have software in our computers that allows the IT staff to monitor the websites that the employees are viewing on the web.  The company also monitors the use of company email in line with its strict policy against improper use of time by the employee.   
I feel that the company policies being used by my employer is very restrictive on my right as a human being.  I understand that employers need to monitor the activities of their employees for the purpose of ensuring that company policies are being observed.  I also understand that making the employees feel that they are monitored will force the employees to devote their time to working.  I also understand that without the CCTV cameras installed there will be situations when the employee during work hours will leave his workstation or he will stay in his workstation and visit non-work-related websites.  I also understand that the strict monitoring is being done to protect the company against sexual harassment suits that the company may be held liable.  For example, there was a case in San Francisco wherein the jury awarded the amount of more than $7M to a legal secretary harassed by a male partner in a law firm for failing to act swiftly on a sexual harassment complaint (Gerald D. Bloch, 1995, p.1).

However, I believe that the strategy being used violates my privacy rights as an individual (Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, 2011, p.1).  Employees need not be monitored at work.  They are responsible enough to deliver what the company expects from them.  Monitoring of employees is not necessary.  I believe that there are other strategies that companies may use to make sure that they get the most of their employees.  Violating their privacy rights is not one of them. 

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