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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Argumentative Essay in Favor of Divorce

Argumentative Essay in Favor of Divorce

Fifty percent of marriages in America are likely to end in divorce (Rufus). This means that half of American families are likely to split up, and more than half of the kids from these families are likely to be depressed and rebellious. However, despite the difficulties and emotional struggle one undergoes because of divorce, like all things, divorce has a bright side. It relieves all parties from stress and anxiety, frees one from abuse and unhappiness, and gives the chance to rediscover one’s own self and satisfactions.

Instead of inspiring and loving each other, some married couples do the exact opposite. This results to endless arguments and fights that affect not only the couple, but their children as well. Prolonging the marriage not only causes stress for both sides, but leaves each of them feeling empty and frustrated (Med India). Since the marriage no longer does a couple any good, divorce gives them the opportunity to relieve and legally free themselves from the disappointments, emotions, and stress brought about by their spouse.

Divorce also offers the opportunity of freedom from abuse and despair. Often, married women suffer from domestic violence in their homes. In fact, around 1.3 million women each year are victims of physical assault by their husbands (National Coalition against Domestic Violence). These women will not be completely freed from the brutal hands of their husbands unless they are divorced. Filing a divorce against an abusive husband protects the battered wife and will keep her and her children safe. Divorce legally separates the woman from her abuser and sets her apart from extreme unhappiness.
Divorce will give both parties a chance to rediscover themselves and their personal satisfactions. People in unhappy marriages tend to lose themselves to the agony of the marriage. They tend to use up all their energy trying to save the relationship, but in turn, they lose time for themselves. Divorce will give the each person a time to take care of themselves and possibly, find another love.

Though divorce is a common option and has its benefits, married couples should still strive to fix their relationship, especially if there are children involved. Divorce should not be a couple’s first solution to their misunderstandings; rather, it should be their last. After all, they promised each other, “Till death do us part.”

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