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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Essay on the Importance of Heredity and Environment

Essay on the Importance of Heredity and Environment

How would a child develop? What are the factors that can have significant effects on what the child will become in the future? How will he/ she look like in the future? Will he/she be intelligent or artistic? Will he/ she love sports or music? Is he/she going to be shy or aggressive?

The two major important factors in Child development are Heredity and Environment. Children are born with certain physical characteristics and other traits that their parents had passed on to them. Children are made up of genes that carry these characteristics and traits both from their mothers and fathers.  Their genetic makeup then would determine some of their skills and potentials. Environment on the other hand is composed of physical surroundings, culture, institutions and ideas that would shape and mold the hereditary potential of the children. The children undergo a certain process where their beliefs, attitudes, values and personalities are being formed. This process is definitely being affected by heredity and environment factors.

Heredity is the transmission of characteristics and other traits from parent to offsprings.  Children can inherit their physical traits like body structure, height, different parts of the body and even their susceptibility to diseases like asthma, diabetes and heart ailment. A child may have a blonde hair like her mother and green eyes like her father. They can also inherit mental and emotional traits like intelligence, interests in music, literature and art and aggressiveness and shyness from their parents.  A child may be interested and be really good in music and playing instruments like his/her father or he, she might be soft spoken and tender like his/her mother.

Environmental factors, on the other hand, include the physical and social aspects that can have effects and influences on child development. The family, the school, the companions, the neighbourhood, the church are the environmental components that influence children.  For example, a child will learn how to act with his/her peers and his role as a student in the school.

The interaction of heredity and environment shapes the children in becoming who they are going to be. It is through heredity where a child can inherit the traits and characteristics from his parent. These traits and characteristics will be the guide through the development of the child.  The environment, on the other hand, helps in shaping and molding an individual so that he will learn to become a responsible member of the community.

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