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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Research Paper on World Bank

Research Paper on World Bank

The World Bank remains to be considered one of the financial institutions that have helped advance development to emerging economies. Since its inception in 1944, it has evolved from reconstruction and development towards the elimination of poverty and sustenance to meet the needs of the globalizing world. In its very essence, the relevance of the World Bank goes beyond advancing economic growth. It shows commitment towards providing support to poor countries, be a venue for knowledge sharing, and advances its objectives through application of financial products and services.

 Supporting the Poor
            One relevant aspect of the World Bank that remains to be important is its contribution towards the poor and struggling economies. Its main framework as well as its two institutions, the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and International Development Association (IDA) continues to spearhead programs in support of the poor. Each has a particular objective centered towards economic sustainability especially among developing economies (World, Web).

 Advancing Knowledge Development
            Another crucial value that the World Bank provides comes from how the organization advances opportunities for economies to prosper. With various policies and programs, this institution has helped provide suitable decision making surrounding investments and how it remains to be responsive to the needs of society. Such purpose can be seen in the manner that members engage in economic priorities and provide knowledge sharing (World, Web). All these can be achieved through recognizing how information can be utilized and suit the needs of communities and governments it serves.

 Support through Financial Services
            Lastly, the World Bank remains to be important because of its capacity to provide means for poor economies to advance their economic goals. Specifically, the organization advances financial investments through different sectors of society (World, 2012). The use then of financial services enables countries to recognize ways to collaborate and also participate in the organization’s objective of mitigating poverty. It also brings together partnerships that help boost development and growth.

             Overall, the World Bank remains to be a valuable organization due to its ability to address the changing economic trends of today through support, knowledge development, and use of financial services. By focusing towards poverty reduction, it is able to utilize its existing tools and financial resources to find ways to advance the needs of struggling economies. This not only demonstrates the recognition of opportunities for growth but also create a strong and sustainable framework for doing so.

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